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5 city breaks less than 2 hours from Ireland 5 city breaks less than 2 hours from Ireland

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5 city breaks less than 2 hours from Ireland

Published 1st February 2023Read Time 9 min

With Christmas and New Year celebrations now becoming a distant memory, many of us are letting our minds run to the next little break or getaway. But these days we’re all so tight on time that we want something close at hand. If you only have a couple of days away, you want to maximise your time relaxing!

Wondering where to go and what to do? Well, we’ve got your back! The AA Travel Insurance team have pulled together a list of 5 getaways that are less than 2 hours from Dublin.

1. Amsterdam

Amsterdam canal Singel with typical dutch houses and houseboats with beautiful cloudscape in background, Holland, Netherlands. What city breaks less than 2 hours from Dublin? Travel Insurance
Amsterdam canal Singel with typical dutch houses and houseboats with beautiful cloudscape in background, Holland, Netherlands.

Amsterdam is surprisingly close to Dublin. You can fly there in less than 2 hours. It’s a vibrant city with plenty of history, entertainment and excellent food.

If you’re on the hunt for some really good street food to keep your energy up as you walk around the famous canals, then Amsterdam has you covered! Dutch fries, Stroopwafel and any number of Nutella Cafes will keep you on the move.

There is plenty of history in ‘the Venice of the North’, and the city is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. You’ll find many of the top museums of Amsterdam located on the Museumplein (Museum Square), located at the southwestern side of the Rijksmuseum.

There’s a vibrant night life in Amsterdam, and you won’t be found short for things to do, whether you’re into classical music, rock concerts, quiet cafes or festivals.

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2. Paris

Eiffle Tower. Paris. France,  What places are on a 2 hour flight from Dublin?, Holiday Insurance, Multi Trip Insurance
Eiffle Tower. Paris. France | Copyright: Panithan Fakseemuang

If you’re seeking something a bit more intimate or romantic, then it’s hard to look past Paris. It’s just under a two-hour flight to the French Capital from Dublin. The city is huge, and remains the most densely packed city in Europe. So it pays to do a bit of research before heading off so that you are not wandering around aimlessly.

There are endless options for bit of culture in Paris, with the Louvre being perhaps the most well-known. But be wise in your choice of what to see as there are nearly 400,000 pieces in the museum! Basilica Sacre-Coeur, Les Invalides and the Pantheon are all well worth a visit.

Then in the evenings, there are endless cafes and restaurants for you to experience some haute cuisine. There are more than 9,000 restaurants across the city. Of the 27 Michelin 3-star restaurants in France, 10 are in Paris.

3. Edinburgh

What's the cheapest European city break? AA Travel Insurance, Edinburgh
Edinburgh Castle in Autumn

You can fly from Dublin to Edinburgh in just under an hour, which makes it a great option for a quick getaway! From the airport, it’s only a short hop into the historical and cultural centre of the city.

With a vibrant nightlife and plenty of attractions to see, Edinburgh is sure to impress. The city is a World Heritage site and visitors typically flock to sites such as Edinburgh Castle, the Palace of Holyroodhouse and the Old Town.

As you can imagine, Edinburgh is packed with bars to sample the finest beer and whiskey on offer. Not as well-known as Paris or Rome for its food, Edinburgh still has plenty of eateries, cafes and restaurants to keep you energised on your short break.

4. Bath

bath, Where can you go on a 2 hour flight? Holiday Insurance, Travel Insurance
Bath at night

Dublin to Bristol airport is only an hour flight. From there, it’s a short hop to the historic town of Bath. Perfect for a getaway if you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of Capital cities. With a population of around 100,000 it’s cosy enough to get around with ease.

The city became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987, and was later added to the transnational World Heritage Site known as the “Great Spa Towns of Europe” in 2021. With only 11 of these in existence it’s a nice shortlist to make.

With the famous Roman Baths, the Royal Crescent and Bath Abbey, there is enough to see during the day. You can also relax in one of the many spa hotels the town has to offer.

5. Belfast

Belfast, Travel Insurance, What is the cheapest city break? 5 Quick City Breaks Under 2 Hours from Dublin
Titanic Belfast

For those wanting to avoid flying, and perhaps be a little greener, there is always the option of taking the train up to Belfast. A ticket from Connolly Station to Belfast costs less than €20 and takes around 2 hours.

You’re also likely to get much better value for your money. Hotels south or the border are frighteningly expensive at the moment. So it’s no surprise that plenty of people from Dublin are making the short hop north to get a nice hotel and a short break away!

Since the ceasefire and end of the Troubles, both business and tourism in massively increasing. As a result, there’s a whole host of trendy bars, good restaurants and nice hotels opening up.

Whether you’re visiting Belfast, Paris, Bath or anywhere else in the world, AA Travel Insurance has you covered. To help put your mind at ease, we have a whole host of features in our Travel Insurance including our ‘AA Virtual Doctor’ on the off-chance you fall ill.

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