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AA advises motorists to prepare their cars for next cold snap AA advises motorists to prepare their cars for next cold snap


AA advises motorists to prepare their cars for next cold snap

Published 6th January 2011Read Time 3 min

AA Car Servicing, the AA’s new mobile service offering, is advising motorists across the country to make safety their first priority this New Year by carrying out any necessary maintenance work before the expected return of subzero temperatures. "It’s important that we take heed of the lessons learned during December and ensure that our cars are equipped to cope with any further onsets of freezing weather that occur,” says Dave Murphy , Head of AA Technical Services.  “On average more than 500 break downs, many of which involved flat batteries, were attended to by AA Patrols each day last December.”  AA Car Servicing is specifically advising motorists to ensure their batteries, cooling systems, tyres and wipers are in top condition.  “If your car is due for a service now is the time to slot it in,” says Murphy.  “Having your car serviced in a timely fashion will improve its performance and its overall fuel efficiency, which will help to ease the pain of these record high fuel prices we’re enduring.”   Motorists who are scarce on time can avail of AA Car Servicing where an AA certified technician will come to their place of work or home to service their car.  AA Members who book in for an AA Car Service can enjoy a €20 discount. The costs of neglecting your car AA Car Servicing reports that those who neglect to service their car as per the vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines could face very costly repairs relating to their brakes, timing belt, fan belt, spark plug, oil leaks, tyres and coolant and anti freeze levels. In 2010 alone, AA Patrols attended close to 2,000 break downs caused by brake-related faults.  “In addition to the safety concerns, if a fault with your brakes goes unchecked you could be looking at an escalated repair bill of about €250 as opposed to €70,” says Murphy. “Much more seriously, any problem with your brakes could become very dangerous.” AA Patrols also attended in the region of 900 vehicles with broken timing belts on the side of the road in 2010.  “An important part of your vehicle’s maintenance is to have your timing belt replaced every 60,000 miles/95,000 kilometres or as per the manufacture’s guidelines,” says Murphy.  “Whilst it’ll cost you a couple of hundred euros to replace, you’re looking at least €1000 to repair the damage it’ll cause when it snaps.  A well looked after car should last you for hundreds of thousands of kilometres.” AA Car Servicing is currently available in the Dublin and Greater Dublin areas only.  To book a hassle-free, excellent car service today from €179 for an interim service or €229 for a full car service click here.  AA Members will receive a €20 discount off the price of their car service.

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