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AA Ireland invests €8 million in leading-edge software system AA Ireland invests €8 million in leading-edge software system


AA Ireland invests €8 million in leading-edge software system

Published 9th June 2011Read Time 3 min

AA Ireland has invested €8 million in a leading-edge software system to help the organisation serve in excess of half a million Irish customers.  Known as “TIA” the new system will provide the AA with a state of the art CRM platform which will streamline administration and back office functions and allow the AA to deliver a better, faster and more comprehensive service for its Motor Insurance, Home Insurance and Motoring customers. “This is a major investment from an Irish business and a declaration of our confidence in the future.” says CEO Brendan Nevin. “We are planning for significant growth across our Business and this investment will help us deliver that growth smoothly. While it is in itself a large project it is in fact only one part of a range of planned investments.” The AA announced the creation of 45 new jobs in its Dublin headquarters last January and now directly employs 480 people. While continuing its investments in its Motoring services the AA is also adding to its large base of Motor Insurance, Home Insurance and Travel Insurance customers. “A lot of people have more than one product with the AA.” Says Nevin. “We know that if we serve people well in one area, like motoring, they will want to talk to us about areas like Home and Motor Insurance. The TIA project gives us a holistic view of the customer and will help us improve our service across the board.” “We’re delighted that approximately 15% of the adult population of the country does business with the AA.” says Nevin. “That is a tremendous responsibility and it takes great organisation, but that is our mission: Car, Home, Travel.  The AA has been serving the Irish consumer for over a hundred years and we have great confidence in the future. ‘TIA’ is an Oracle based system and has been developed in house by the AA team in Ireland.  It has led to improved backend administration within the AA, cutting down on manual processes and improving customer service. The single view of customers TIA generates also gives the AA an enhanced ability to deliver multi product discounts and offer more to its customers as a key way to add value. Through Electronic Data Interchange, TIA enables the AA to provide faster processing of quotes, customer documentation and insurance claims and reduced call handling times. TIA has also led to shorter online journeys for AA customers looking to purchase their insurance through the AA website. The TIA platform is designed to develop with the AA business giving it an all important future proof dimension. The TIA technology also introduces a more sophisticated, less arduous Management Reporting solution into the AA Business.

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