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AA now offering free Ireland and Great Britain AA Travel Insurance to Members AA now offering free Ireland and Great Britain AA Travel Insurance to Members

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AA now offering free Ireland and Great Britain AA Travel Insurance to Members

Published 7th March 2011Read Time 6 min

AA Membership has further strengthened its membership offering by introducing free AA Travel Insurance for travel within Ireland and Great Britain for new and existing AA members.  While already enjoying breakdown cover within both islands, AA Members can now also have the peace of mind of free travel insurance whilst travelling within Ireland or Great Britain. “In our most recent Travel Insurance poll, 34.2% of those we talked to said they’re planning to spend their main holiday in Ireland or Great Britain in 2011.”  Says John Farrell, Director of AA Travel Insurance.  “47% of those polled also said they anticipate a trip to Great Britain at least once this year.   With this in mind, we feel our new offering of free AA Travel Insurance for travel within Ireland and the UK will be a huge plus for AA Members and a great addition to our range of members’ benefits.”  In total, a quarter of the 21,000 participants polled during the AA Travel Insurance survey said they will take their main holiday in Ireland this year.  When queried on why they are staying on home soil, convenience was identified as the number one motivator.   Following this, cost was the second most common reason for holidaying at home in 2011.  Interestingly 25% of those who elaborated on their decision to take a domestic holiday said a desire to support local tourism had influenced their choice.  Potential travel disruptions such as airline strikes, forces of nature and political unrest also played a part in the decision making process of 16% of respondents within this group of holiday makers.  AA Members can also benefit from a 10% discount on the AA’s full suite of Travel Insurance products which includes Single Trip, Winter Sports, Golf, Business, Backpacker and Multitrip Insurance.  Medical Insurance holders can now also save 15% on their AA Travel Insurance premiums. Other benefits AA Members exclusively enjoy include discounts on AA Motor Insurance and AA Home Insurance plus savings on a wide range of accommodation, tourist attractions, restaurants and retail outlets. More details on the full suite of AA Members suite of benefits, AA Travel insurance and how existing members can activate free AA ROI/UK Travel Insurance is available at or by phoning 01 617 9977. Ends Notes to the editor; Fig. 1 Where respondents indicated they will spend their main holiday in 2011 (Multiple answers listed where respondents are taking more than one 1 week holiday during 2011) Based on 20,940 responses.
Republic of Ireland 23.9%
Northern Ireland 1.6%
Great Britain 8.7%
France 9.5%
Spain 16.7%
Portugal 5.2%
Italy 5.1%
Other European country 10.3%
North America 8.7%
Australia 1.9%
New Zealand 0.9%
Other 6.6%
I have not made any holiday plans yet 25.4%
I will not be taking a main holiday this year 9.8%
Fig. 2 How often respondents will travel to Great Britain during 2011 (Based on 20,984 responses): 
No plans to visit Great Britain this year 40.8%
Once 17.2%
Twice 14.2%
Three times 6.7%
Four times 2.8%
Five or more times 5.8%
Don't know 12.6%
Fig. 3 Reasons respondents have chosen Ireland as their main holiday destination in 2011 (Based on 2,421 responses): 
A holiday in Ireland involves less stress 50.7%
A holiday in Ireland involves easier travelling 48.7%
I cannot afford to go further afield 44%
I want to use my own car 30.2%
I want to support the Irish hospitality industry 25.2%
I will be visiting friends / family 21.8%
There is less chance of travel disruption (e.g. Ash cloud) 16.2%
The fact that there is no language barrier appeals 15.5%
Special offers this year make the value compelling 14.3%
A holiday in Ireland is better value for money 10.2%
I like the quality of Irish hotels 8.3%
I will be doing a sporting activity 8.1%
I feel that airlines will rip me off with extra charges 8.0%
I don't like to fly 7.6%
I like the weather in Ireland 5.2%
I feel my money will go further 4.3%
I like the quality of Irish restaurants 1.4%

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