Annual and Single Trip Travel Insurance Explained

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The two main options when it comes to travel insurance are an Annual policy or Single Trip cover. Annual cover is best suited to those who travel abroad more than twice in any given year, whereas Single Trip cover is designed for short trips abroad and for people who are unlikely to travel abroad multiple times in any 12 month window.

What is Annual/Multi-Trip Travel Insurance?

An Annual Travel Insurance policy will cover you for the whole year and is available with AA Travel Insurance from just €16.99. As the policy runs for a whole year it means you’re covered before, during and after your holidays and that you can avoid trying to purchase a new policy in advance of every trip abroad. While it is slightly more expensive than Single Trip Travel Insurance, if you’re planning multiple trips abroad in a year then Annual Cover will work out cheaper for you.

What is Single Trip Travel Insurance?

Single Trip Travel Insurance does exactly what it says on the label and covers you for a single trip abroad of up to 60 days in length. If you’re planning a family holiday or a city break and this will likely be the only trip abroad you make in any given year, then single trip cover will likely to be your best option as it will provide you with a great level of cover at a lower price. However, if you’re planning two or more trips abroad, or you travel regularly for work, annual travel insurance is likely to be a better match for your needs.

Which is better for me?

The main thing to bear in mind when trying to decide which travel insurance option to purchase is the number of times you intend to head abroad in the year ahead. If you’re planning multiple trips then an annual policy is likely to be the best option for you. However, even if you’re only planning one trip abroad, it can be worth comparing the price of single trip and annual cover to ensure you get the best deal.  In many cases the difference in cost between the two cover options will be very low, while annual cover also means you’re automatically covered for any unexpected journeys abroad you need to make.

For example, AA Annual Value cover is available from €16.99 and covers one adult under 50 travelling to Europe, holding private medical insurance.  Meanwhile, Single Trip Value is available from €10.35 for an adult under 50 travelling to Europe for a duration of 3 days, holding private medical insurance.*

Planning a trip abroad this winter? AA Annual Travel Insurance is available online from just €16.99. 

*All prices exclude a handling fee of €1.50 – Prices correct as of 27/03/2019.