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Save on Travel Insurance With Private Medical Insurance Save on Travel Insurance With Private Medical Insurance


Save on Travel Insurance With Private Medical Insurance

Published 26th March 2018Read Time 3 min

If you already have Private Medical Insurance in place you may be entitled to significant savings on your travel insurance, as your provider will not have to cover the full costs of any medical treatment required while abroad. For example, AA Travel Insurance currently offers a discount of up to 20% for those who possess Private Medical Insurance.

Why Do I Get a Travel Insurance Discount for Having Private Medical Insurance?

Depending on the country you intend on travelling to medical expenses can vary greatly. For example, the cost of medical treatment is the US is likely to be significantly higher than the cost of getting treatment in most European countries. Having Private Medical Insurance in place means that your travel insurance provider will not have to cover the full extent of any medical bills you accrue as these will already be covered by your medical insurance provider.

Are There Any Restrictions in Place?

With the AA, a medical insurance discount is only available on AA Essential and AA Extra Travel Insurance policies. Separately, to avail of a discount you must have Private Medical Insurance place for the duration of the travel policy which includes inpatient medical cover while abroad for at least €55,000 per person listed on the policy.

If you avail of the discount any claims for medical treatment must be made against your Private Health Insurance first. Your travel insurance policy will only payout on any sum which exceeds the cover provided by your Private Medical Insurance up to the upper medical expenses limit.

How Much Can You Save on Your Travel Insurance With The AA?

If you have private medical insurance in place you will receive a discount of up to 20% on AA Travel Insurance policies. The exact savings will vary depending on the level of cover you’re purchasing and where you’re travelling. However, a thirty-year-old travelling within Europe and opting for AA Annual Essential Travel Insurance could expect to pay €28.39 if they have private medical insurance, compared to €35.49 without private medical insurance in place.

Planning a trip abroad? AA Travel Insurance is available from as low as €20 helping to keep you covered no matter what happens.

Image Credit: xlibber. Used under CC licence.