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BMW i5 launch! BMW i5 launch!

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BMW i5 launch!

Published 27th June 2023Read Time 16 min

More than 10 million 5-series have been sold to date. It’s been a motoring icon for around 5 decades…and now it’s going electric with the BMW i5!

We attended the Irish launch of the new 5-series in Automotive in Sandyford, Dublin. The i5 was on display, and we got a good look around it.

BMW i5 launch in Ireland

What is the BMW i5?

The BMW 5 series is a bit of a motoring icon that is being ushered into the electric age with the i5. It is a large all-electric saloon, with good space for passengers and in the boot.

The new 5-series will be available in a variation of powertrains, from more modest petrol engines to a 601hp all-electric monster with more than 500km range!

How much is the BMW i5?

The BMW 5-series starts from €69,850. For that you get the combustion engine 520i with 208hp. There will be plug-in hybrid versions going into production shortly but we are waiting on pricing on those.

If you want to take a step up to the all-electric variant then you pay from €90,110. The entry level electric variant is the eDrive40 M Sport with a 250kW (340hp) motor.

However, for those that like a bit more performance, then you have the tempting possibility of the M60. The all-wheel-drive M60 has 601hp and will do the 0-100km/h sprint in a blistering 3.8 seconds. It’s pricey though, so you’ll have to fork out a minimum of €119,210 for the pleasure.

As you would expect, you can get frisky with the options list. Most people will option the Technology and/or the Comfort pack . Those that want a little more luxury will possibly take the Ultimate Pack, which costs from €15,017.70

What is the range of the i5?

The i5 is a big car, coming in at 2.2 tonnes and just over 5m in length. If you’re looking for range, then the eDrive40 is the option for you. It has a 81.2kWh usable battery. WLTP range is up to 582km. However, the WLTP range figure is normally a bit optimistic. We’d say that a more realistic real-world range would be in the region of 450km to 500km.

The BMW i5 has impressive charging capabilities. On AC, you get 11kW as standard which is good. However, you can option the 22kW charger. On DC, it’s very good also. 205kW peak will see you get a 10-80% charge in 28 minutes. We’re still waiting for the charging network in Ireland to develop properly, but if you do have access to the right charger then it’s a great offering!

What does the BMW i5 look like?

The i5 is difficult to differentiate from the combustion variants to the untrained eye. A closer look will reveal some clues such as the closed off grille, and the subtle badging on the back. Fans of the 5-series won’t be disappointed as the overall silhouette is largely unchanged, and remains unmistakably a 5-series. But there are a few nice design tweaks and modernisations.

The interior is everything you would expect from a 5-series. However, you do have to pay some significant amounts to achieve this luxury through the ‘Packs’ on offer. But once you do, you have a very comfortable machine, packed with tech and creature comforts.

We loved the panoramic roof that lets light flood in, making the cabin feel more open and airy. The seats are incredibly comfortable. They are heated, cooled, nicely padded and all electrically adjustable.

What is the i5 like to drive?

Unfortunately we don’t know yet. The car present at the launch was only there for show. We’re told that we will get to drive it later in the year, around September or October. But the car is available to order now from dealerships.

BMW expect to start handing over cars to customers as early as October. We can’t wait to get our hands on it for a full road test and review. And we’ll be sure to bring you that video as soon as we can.

In the meantime, if you want to get your luxurious BMW fix, then check out our review of the BMW i7 here.

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