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Car Hire Excess Insurance Explained Car Hire Excess Insurance Explained


Car Hire Excess Insurance Explained

Published 7th September 2017Read Time 2 min

When you hire a car abroad, you’re liable for that car. If it gets damaged or stolen, the excess is the amount of money you’ll have to pay the rental company when you’re returning it. Car Hire Excess Insurance protects you from these excess costs, by ensuring you’re covered and can claim back if something does happen to the car.
Most rental companies will include some insurance in your hire cost, but it is usually very expensive and only covers certain parts of the car, which can leave you with a large excess still to pay should something happen.

What’s covered with Car Hire Excess Cover?

It covers any damage caused to a rental car by the policy holder. It also covers misfuel, personal possessions and key cover to ensure there are no bumps on the road with a hired car. The AA Car Hire Excess policy covers excesses of up to €3,000 for any single incident during any one period of insurance.

Who can take out a Car Hire Excess Policy?

Anyone who already has travel insurance with the AA or is looking at getting travel insurance with us can avail of the Car Hire Excess policy, which is a new add-on we offer on our single and annual travel insurance policies.

Why the AA?

At the AA we have always cared more about the person than the car. We’re a trusted brand with over 100 years of service. Taking out car hire excess with us means you’re sorted before you go away, knowing you won’t be subject to any excess costs if your rental car is damaged or stolen and giving you peace of mind so you can enjoy your trip.
Avoid any harsh excess costs when hiring cars abroad, by adding on AA Car Hire Excess Cover to your Essential or Extra Travel Insurance policy

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