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Hitting the Road for a Long Weekend Adventure: Essential Tips for Taking Your Car Abroad

Published 25th March 2024Read Time 5 min

The unflinching attraction of wandering that is often one of the best ways of experiencing a new land is taking a road trip. Think of cruising on a journey full of interesting landscapes and when you get tired you can stop a little along the way that you have not seen before. Moreover the pace of sightseeing is up to you. But mind you, there are several things you should do before starting the trip for the sake of arriving safely and comfortably.

This guide equips you with everything you need to know about taking your car abroad for a long weekend adventure:

Pack Smart: Create a packing list that covers the appropriate clothes for the weather, sturdy shoes for walking and, additionally, some basic necessities such as a first-aid kit and travel chargers.

Vehicle Maintenance: Give your car the best. Schedule a service to check all fluids; tires and brakes. Pack a comprehensive roadside kit for the unexpected minor inconveniences.

Documents & Do’s on the Road:

Essential Documentation: Collect your passport, registration of a vehicle, professional driver’s license, and an IDP (International Driving Permit) โ€“ this last document is usually asked for foreign driving.

Brush Up on Local Laws: Research the traffic regulations and the road signs of each country where you’ll visit. Use speed wisely, keep to the right of other traffic, and know about any road restrictions if they are present.

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Tech Savvy & Prepared for Anything:

GPS Navigation: Consider downloading maps that can be accessed offline or consider purchasing a GPS device for navigation particularly when in less populated regions.

Emergency Preparedness: Search for emergency numbers in the countries you will be passing through. If you require temporary car insurance that will see you through, then definitely, it shall be provided for peace of mind.

Breakdown Blues? Not on This Trip!

European Breakdown Service: Reinstating, with this service, a breakdown service or roadside assistant who has everything up to approaching the car can be given any problem within it. This further minimizes stress and delay.

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Budgeting Beyond Borders:

Fuel & Tolls: Consider fuel costs, and especially take note of routes that might involve toll roads. Make use of some handy efficiency apps for fuel to spot the cheapest gas stations along your way.ย 

Currency Exchange: Plan your currency exchange strategy. Research exchange rates and consider using travel cards for convenient transactions.

Secure Parking: While booking accommodation, prioritize options with secure parking facilities to keep your car safe during your stay.

Respect the Road & Embrace the Adventure:

Local Customs: Make sure that at least a few basic phrases of the local language are under your belt, and that you are conversant with minor matters such as local etiquette in driving, to avoid misunderstandings.

Stay Healthy & Rested: Plan rest stops to avoid fatigue. Pack healthy snacks and water to stay energized throughout the drive.

Peace of Mind with AA Ireland:

“Stress-free Adventure” is the centre of our interest at AA Ireland. That is why you can simply cross that border without worry and tussle, for with AA car insurance, which incorporates temporary covers out of Ireland, we cater to you, sorted while going for one day. Take a look at our breakdown options and get even more peace of mind on the road.

Get a quote for car insurance online today and ensure your long weekend adventure is filled with memories, not mishaps. Bon voyage!