Cliona Brennan talks about AA Home Emergency Response in The Irish Times Magazine

In last Saturday’s Irish Times Magazine, Cliona Brennan, Project Manager for our excellent new service, AA Home Emergency Response, chatted to Eoin Butler all about the service.  To read the interview and get the low down on Home Emergency Response click here.

We particularly liked his question: “What if I want to change the TV channel but I can’t reach the remote control?” lol!

If you’d rather skip the article and go straight to our dedicated webpage on Home Emergency Response click here.

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  1. A good initiative to get new business but what about exploiting your core value i.e. motoring expertise?

    There are so many ways that the AA could get new business on the back of its great motoring expertise e.g. have designated garages which the AA would spot check to maintain standards, have AA guaranteed 2nd hand cars with certified mileages etc

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