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Comprehensive Insurance vs Third Party, Fire and Theft Comprehensive Insurance vs Third Party, Fire and Theft


Comprehensive Insurance vs Third Party, Fire and Theft

Published 26th July 2018Read Time 7 min

Decluttering the confusion around car insurance

When deciding which kind of motor insurance best fits your needs – whether third party, third party, fire and theft or comprehensive cover – there’s much to consider. While comprehensive cover offers extra protection as damage to your vehicle is also covered, depending on your financial situation, how often you drive, the value of your car or your driving experience, a third party, fire & theft policy may make more sense for you.

What’s the difference between Third Party, Third Party Fire and Theft and Comprehensive?

The main difference between these three cover options is the level of protection afforded to your own vehicle. Third Party covers any damage to a third party or their property resulting from an incident while Third Party, Fire and Theft policy does the same but also the added protection if your car is damaged by fire or theft. Meanwhile, a Comprehensive insurance policy will cover all of the above and also cover the costs of any damage to your own vehicle if you’re involved in an incident.


Third party Cover is best for you if:

Third party cover is often the most affordable policy as it offers the least protection. It is also the most basic level of insurance required by law to get on the road.


Third Party Fire and Theft Cover is best for you if:

Third party fire and theft may make the most sense if you own an older vehicle, are new to driving, or have low annual mileage. It could be cheaper to replace your vehicle in the event of a crash than it would be to purchase a higher level of Cover. Also, if you want extra protection against fire and theft.


Comprehensive Cover is right for you if:

Suppose you’re a more experienced driver or own a more valuable/newer vehicle. In that case, a comprehensive policy will likely be your best option due to the extra Cover it offers on your own car.


Insurance Cost Comparison

In most cases, third party and third party, fire and theft will be cheaper than comprehensive insurance because they offer less protection for your own vehicle. However, depending on your driver history and the age/value of your current car, comprehensive Cover may, in some situations, work out cheaper, so it can be beneficial to get a quote even if you feel third party and third party fire, and theft more closely match your needs.

If you want to reduce the cost of your car insurance premiums, be careful not to overvalue your car. If your car is stolen or needs to be replaced following a fire or incident, you can only claim what your insurance company’s assessor deems to be the car’s value. If you report a higher value when taking out Cover, you may pay higher premiums than you need to.

As one of Ireland’s top insurance intermediaries, our aim at the AA is to provide you with the best value car insurance available, as well as make sure you get the Cover that suits your needs. You can find out more and get a quote for car insurance here.