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Different interests and indecisiveness most likely to cause holiday spats Different interests and indecisiveness most likely to cause holiday spats

AA Travel Insurance

Different interests and indecisiveness most likely to cause holiday spats

Published 18th June 2012Read Time 4 min

(Extract from latest AA press release) Couples looking forward to a holiday abroad after a soggy start to the Irish summer are being advised to have a good chin wag in advance of their trip about how they’ll spend their time when they actually get there.  The advice though seemingly obvious, is being offered by AA Travel Insurance who recently surveyed over 7,700 people on the most common causes of holiday spats.Topping the list according to AA Travel Insurance is different interests.  36% of those polled said they’re likely to get pretty bored or fed up with their partner’s preferred choice of activities be it lounging by the pool, taking in the cultural sites or something more adventurous .  Following very close behind different interests is indecisiveness.  Just over a third of those polled by AA Travel Insurance said it’s not at all uncommon for them to bicker over either their own or their partner’s inability to make decisions while on holidays. “We spend so much of our time looking forward to holidays and probably not enough time thinking about what we will do when we arrive.”  Says Conor Faughnan, Director of Consumer Affairs, AA Ireland.   “From the sounds of it, people who talk freely about different interests in advance are far less likely to fall out with each other while away.” After this and in descending order are poor timekeeping, untidiness, alcohol consumption and splitting the bills.  15% of the 7,700 polled said their partner’s drinking when on holiday is a likely cause arguments.    According to individual comments received on the matter, for many their frustration lies in their partner being useless in minding the kids the day after a heavy night on the tiles.   Just 7% of those surveyed said that money or paying their fair share was a likely to spark a fight between themselves and their partner while on holiday.  Further flashpoints identified through the AA Travel Insurance poll include rows over the amount of luggage being brought, being disorganized and bringing kids on a plane.    For 13% the disagreements start when choosing a destination in the first place with anecdotal evidence suggesting that women are more inclined to get their own way in the end. AA Travel Insurance Poll May 2012 (7,710 respondents) Extract: Q. Have you ever argued with your spouse/partner about where to go on holidays?
Yes  12.6% 
Somewhat  19.4% 
No  68% 
Q. How likely, if at all, are the following to cause arguments / tension between you and your partner while on holiday?
   Very likely  Somewhat likely  Neutral  Not very likely  Not at all likely 
Different interests  7.8%  27.7%  16.3%  27.7%  20.9% 
Decision making  6.9%  27.7%  23.6%  20.9%  21.2% 
Punctuality  7.8%  24.8%  18.1%  22.7%  27% 
Untidiness  6.9%  22.5%  18.1%  26.2%  26.6% 
Alcohol   3.4%  11.6%  17.6%  26.7%  41.1% 
Splitting the bills  1.8%  4.9%  16.2%  23.7%  53.9% 

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