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How to Drive in Strong Winds How to Drive in Strong Winds

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How to Drive in Strong Winds

Published 4th September 2023Read Time 3 min

Driving in windy conditions can be pretty scary and unsettling even for the most seasoned driver, but luckily The AA is here again with its helpful hints and tips. Read our guide on the best way to drive in strong winds.

Is the Drive Needed?

Before jumping into the car in adverse weather conditions, question if the journey is really that necessary. Are you just going to the shop to pick up some milk, or is it something urgent? If it’s something that can wait, wait until the weather improves.

If it can’t wait, make sure to check for any updates and alerts in case it plans to get worse.

On the Road 

If your journey is unavoidable, then follow these tips.

Increase the Distance between the Car in Front 

This is classic driving test 101 stuff. If weather conditions are anything but normal, increase the distance between the car in front of you. If the weather is bad, double the normal distance between cars when in normal driving conditions.

Read more about stopping distances with our Everything you need to know about stopping distances.

Don’t Overtake

Try to avoid overtaking other cars if you can. Windy conditions mean there is more chance that a gust of wind can push you into the car you are overtaking.

Reduce Your Speed 

Driving at 120 KPH on the motorway with strong winds is a bad idea. At that speed, it only takes a large gust of wind to lose control of your card for a second, and that second can be fatal.

Stay Alert

Due to the increased driving conditions, it’s important to stay more alert than normal. This means keeping both hands on the wheel, not playing music to distract you and anything else that can take your attention off the road.

What do I do if I break down?

If you are unfortunate to break down in heavy winds, it’s important to stay calm and not to make any rash decisions. The winds are most likely too strong to attempt any fixes by yourself. You should either:

• Wait out the wind and weather conditions
• Call a breakdown service

If you’re a member of the AA, AA Rescue is available 24/7. Phone AA Breakdown on 01 649 7460 or download The AA App to report your breakdown and track your AA Patrol’s progress while you wait.

If you’re not an AA member, just give us a call on 0818 227 228, and we can get you sorted.