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Family Road Trip to Europe? Don't Forget European Breakdown Cover!

Published 8th July 2024Read Time 5 min

You most likely have your lists ready if you’re on a family vacation this year. Packing, getting a passport, getting travel insurance—the list is long and can be highly stressful. Do you frequently feel as though you’re forgetting something? European Breakdown Cover is one item, though, that you really must remember if you’re taking your automobile overseas. When travelling overseas, this is crucial for mental tranquilly.

Should I take out European Breakdown Cover?

This time, if you’ve chosen to drive, you’re in for a true treat. It’s a fantastic experience to drive throughout Europe. But be aware that having unplanned car issues while travelling abroad may rapidly transform what should have been a fun trip into a stressful one for you and your family. This is where The AA’s European breakdown coverage comes in useful. Imagine yourself travelling with your family across the picturesque south of France during a vacation. Unexpectedly, out of the blue, your car breaks down. If you don’t have European breakdown coverage, you could incur major costs, worry, and delays. When you have AA’s European breakdown protection, all it takes to resume your travels with the least amount of inconvenience is a fast contact that guarantees a prompt response.

What exactly is European Breakdown Cover or EBC?

In the event that a car breaks down when travelling in the UK or Europe, European Breakdown Cover, or EBC for short, provides breakdown recovery services and roadside assistance. The AA’s coverage includes roadside repairs, towing to the nearest garage, and, if your car can’t be restored right away, lodging or additional travel costs.

What are the Benefits of European Breakdown Cover from The AA?

Peace of Mind:

Knowing that AA is simply a phone call away might make a great difference when travelling abroad. You won’t wind yourself stuck on the side of the road, thanks to AA Ireland’s European breakdown support. Get you back on the road as soon as possible is our aim.

Comprehensive Roadside Assistance:

Roadside help from AA Ireland is comprehensive and covers typical problems like as flat tyres, dead batteries, and small mechanical concerns. By doing this, you may avoid paying hefty towing or repair costs. Prices in other countries can vary.

Multilingual Support:

A language barrier shouldn’t make fixing car problems in another country more difficult. By providing you with access to multilingual helplines around-the-clock, AA European breakdown cover guarantees straightforward contact with the local service providers.

AA European Breakdown Cover

With AA European Breakdown Cover, you can easily access our network of local garages across Europe if you experience any bumps on the road.

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Financial Protection:

Towing or emergency repairs can be expensive, particularly when done abroad. These expenditures can be mitigated with European breakdown cover, which offers financial security against unplanned breakdown bills.

Additional Services:

In addition, the AA provides further benefits including car repatriation in the event that repairs cannot be completed before your vacation concludes, reimbursement for subsequent travel, and lodging expenses while repairs are being made.

When is European Breakdown Cover Most Useful?

Breakdown support from The AA is a highly recommended option if you’re planning a lengthy road trip through Europe. Your car is more likely to break down the farther you are travelling. But the truth is that older cars have a higher likelihood of breaking down. A safety net for you and your family is provided by European breakdown cover if you drive an older car.

So, Is European Breakdown Cover Really Worth It?

We’ve weighed up the options for you and given the potential risks and costs associated with car trouble abroad, we truly believe European breakdown cover is generally worth the investment. The additional financial security and peace of mind it provides can transform an otherwise disastrous trip into a small annoyance. To make sure you and your family have the finest coverage, we do, however, strongly advise you to compare the many policies available.