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A blue sky with the words "Covid-19 Travel Restrictions" and the AA Roadwatch logo A blue sky with the words "Covid-19 Travel Restrictions" and the AA Roadwatch logo


FAQ: Localised travel restrictions for Donegal and Dublin

Published 18th September 2020Read Time 3 min

Travel restrictions will be in place for both Donegal and Dublin as both counties are now at Level 3 of the government measures to slow the spread of covid-19. In Donegal, the restrictions will apply from midnight on Fri 25th Oct until Fri 16th Oct. In Dublin, they have been in place since Fri 18th Sept and will remain until at least Fri 9th Oct.

We’ve rounded up all the travel info you need here.

I live in Donegal or Dublin, what limits to travel are now in place?

If you’re a resident of either Donegal or Dublin, you are advised to stay within the county except for journeys for education, work or other essential reasons. All non-essential travel out of your county should be avoided.

I don’t live in Donegal or Dublin, can I travel there?

If you’re not a resident, you are advised not to travel to any locations in the counties, except for work, education or other essential reasons.

What about public transport?

Public transport will continue running for essential journeys, with reduced capacity. If you must use it, you should wear a face covering and pay with a contactless method if possible.

Are there any travel restrictions for the rest of the country?

No. For now, travel restrictions only apply to journeys into or out of Dublin and Donegal. If you are making journeys though, you should continue to observe social distancing and public health guidelines: avoid crowded areas, and wear a face covering if you’re on public transport or if you must share a car with someone outside your own household.

Remember too that pedestrians and cyclists still need extra space for social distancing, so be particularly careful if you’re driving.

There is separate advice for international travel – non-essential travel should be avoided to most countries and travellers should restrict movements for 14 days on return from essential journeys. This excludes the small number of countries on the government’s Green List.