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How can you Lower your Car Insurance Premium? How can you Lower your Car Insurance Premium?

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How can you Lower your Car Insurance Premium?

Published 19th January 2024Read Time 4 min

Car insurance can be a significant expense for many motorists in Ireland. However, there are number of ways to reduce these costs. Here’s some quick tips for you to consider to try get those payments down.

1.     Shop Around

Don’t settle for the first insurance quote you receive. Or even worse, don’t just take the existing premium that your current provider offers you. It’s essential to compare prices from different insurance companies. Online comparison tools can be incredibly useful. You can also do it the old-fashioned way and get on the phone!

2.     Choose Your Car Wisely 

The type of car you drive significantly influences your insurance rates. In general, smaller, less powerful cars are cheaper to insure. Consider the insurance costs before purchasing your next car. Factor in the size of the car, its value, and especially how powerful the engine or motor is.

If you are in the market for a car, then why not consider an AA Approved car that gives you 1 year’s free Roadside Rescue and a 101-point check at the point of sale for added peace of mind.

3.     Increase Your Excess 

The excess is the amount you pay towards any claim. By agreeing to a higher excess, you can often reduce your premium. However, ensure that the excess you set is affordable in case of a mishap. It means that you take a little more risk in the event of a claim, but if you’re careful then it may be worth the payback.

4.     Use Your No-Claims Bonus 

If you have a history of safe driving with no claims, you may be eligible for a no-claims bonus. No claims bonus can significantly reduce your insurance premiums. Do your best to build up that No Claims bonus in order to get those premiums down as much as possible.

5.     Limit Your Mileage 

If you can reduce the distance you drive each year, let your insurer know as it could lower your premiums. This is particularly relevant for people who have started working from home or no longer commute as much. The average distance driven in Ireland is around 17,000km, but many people do far less. Check with your insurer if this could lower your premium.

6.     Pay Annually Instead of Monthly

Paying monthly can feel more manageable as you’re not hit with a lump sum up front. However, it’s often cheaper to pay your insurance premium at the outset. So if you think that you can afford to pay the yearly amount at the start of your policy, then the savings might be worth it.

7.     Check for Discounts 

Always ask if there are any discounts for which you may be eligible. If you get your car insurance through the AA, you get extra discounts if you have other products with us such as Membership. But that also includes adding Home Insurance. The more products that you get with us, the more discounts you’re entitled to!

Remember that you don’t even have to be up for renewal to shop around. Call us for an AA Car Insurance quote, start your journey, and let our friendly agents do the legwork for you!