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How to get Van Insurance in Ireland How to get Van Insurance in Ireland

Van Insurance

How to get Van Insurance in Ireland

Published 29th January 2024Read Time 4 min

Whether you use a van for work or for personal reasons, you must have insurance. But what is the best way to go about getting insurance for your van? Here’s a quick guide to help you get started.

1.     Understand the Insurance Requirements in Ireland

In Ireland, you have to have at least third-party insurance for your van. This covers damage to other vehicles and injuries to other people in an accident you’re involved in. However, you might want to get comprehensive insurance, which covers damages to your van also. Have a think about how much the van is worth, and if you think it’s worth to get more comprehensive coverage.

2.     Shop Around for Quotes

Don’t settle for the first quote you receive or blindly accept your renewal policy. It’s essential to shop around and compare quotes from different insurance companies. You also don’t have to wait until your policy up to get a quote. AA Van Insurance could end up beating your current policy by more than the cancellation fee.

3.     Consider Your Van’s Specifications

The make, model, and age of your van can significantly impact your insurance premiums. Generally, vans with a higher value or power will have higher insurance costs. Adding security features like alarms or trackers can sometimes reduce your premium. Have a think about what van you need before you buy as it could have an impact on what your insurance costs. 

4.     Be Accurate with Your Information

When applying for insurance, be truthful and accurate with all the information you provide. Misrepresenting facts like your van’s primary use, your driving history, or where the van is parked overnight can lead to issues with claims or even policy cancellation. Best to be open now and avoid difficulties down the line. A small saving by misrepresenting the truth could cost you a lot more in the long run.

5.     Understand the Policy Excess

The policy excess is the amount you agree to pay towards any claim. Choosing a higher excess can lower your premiums and save you money, but it means you’ll pay more out-of-pocket if you do make a claim. Find a balance that suits your financial situation.

6.     Check for No-Claims Discounts

If you have a history of safe driving without making insurance claims, you could be eligible for a no-claims discount, which can significantly reduce your premium. Ensure that you transfer this discount if you switch insurers. Protecting your no-claims bonus is a great way of saving money.

7.     Read the Fine Print

Before finalizing your insurance, read the policy terms and conditions carefully. Understand what is and isn’t covered; any exclusions, and your obligations. This can save you from surprises in case of a claim. Feel free to ask for any clarifications from your insurance provider.

8.     Regularly Review Your Policy

Your insurance needs may change over time, especially if your business priorities change. Review your policy to ensure it still meets your needs, especially if there are significant changes like a new van or a change in how you use it.

9.     Know Your Legal Obligations

Finally, be aware of your legal obligations under Irish law regarding van insurance. Failure to have the correct insurance can lead to fines, penalty points on your driving license, or even prosecution. It is not worth taking any risks here.

Hopefully this quick guide has helped you on your way to getting the right van insurance for you. If you would like to get a quote, you can fill out some details, or call one of our friendly agents who will do a lot of the legwork for you!

And don’t forget that having multiple AA Ireland products such as Membership gets you even more discounts on your Van Insurance.