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A Volkswagen ID.5 A Volkswagen ID.5

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New Car Review: Volkswagen ID.5

Published 20th May 2022Read Time 15 min

Good Stuff 👍

Refinement, Design, Driver Assistance Tech

Bad Stuff 👎

Infotainment and Interior materials

What is the Volkswagen ID.5

A sportier-looking alternative to the ID.4

The ID.5 is the latest fully electric car to come from Volkswagen, and it has a lot in common with the ID.4. Where it differs is the exterior, which adopts more of a sloping roofline to give the car a sportier appearance. Beneath the bodywork is the same underpinnings, with a 77kWh battery and three power options, including an all-wheel-drive GTX version.

Despite the ID.5’s profile, it isn’t much smaller inside, which will be good news to potential buyers. The styling puts it in direct competition with similar EVs such as the Skoda Enyaq Coupe iV, Nissan Ariya and the Toyota bZ4X, all of which go on sale during 2022.

How about the looks of the Volkswagen ID.5?

It all changes at the rear

There are many similarities between the Volkswagen ID.5 and ID.4 as both models share most of the same bodywork around the front. Volkswagen does fit a different front bumper to most of the ID.5s, which helps to differentiate them a bit, though the range-topping ID.5 GTX has the same look as the ID.4 GTX, with vertically stacked front fog lights.

What makes the ID.5 different comes aft of the front doors, as the roof begins to slope down to the rear. Most versions feature a silver ‘blade’ within the contrasting black roof to emphasise the profile. Meanwhile, a spoiler is neatly integrated into the tailgate, helping channel air over the rear window to clear it. Volkswagen doesn’t equip the ID.5 with a rear wiper.

All ID.5 models get LED lighting with matrix headlights, an illuminated light bar across the front and ‘3D’ taillights with a dynamic indicator function. There are 19-inch alloy wheels as standard with 20- and 21-inch options available. The ID.5 GTX features 20-inch wheels and receives specific badging on the front wings and black lettering across the rear. A panoramic glass roof is standard from the ID.5 Family specification upwards, too.

“Of the three powertrain options available, the middle 204hp model makes the most sense. ”
Dave Humphreys

What is the Volkswagen ID.5 like inside?

Styling doesn’t compromise space too much

Volkswagen continues the simplified layout that has become a feature of its ID models. A small digital display in front of the driver contains the essential data such as speed and battery range remaining. The placement of the drive selector on the side of this display helps to free up more space in the cabin. Volkswagen packs a lot of controls onto the steering wheel. These can take some time to become familiar with as they are touch-sensitive, so it’s easy to hit the wrong function accidentally.

Most versions of the ID.5 get a 12-inch touchscreen display that runs Volkswagen’s latest operating software. Among the improvements, Volkswagen claims that its voice assistance offers more functionality with improvements in detection and performance, too. However, we found that the voice assistant frequently activated without being prompted to do so and often couldn’t perform simple tasks. This aspect should be more useful as the lack of physical controls mean that almost every aspect of the car’s secondary functions is through the touchscreen, which can be distracting to use while driving.

A fair amount of storage is dotted around the cabin, including a centre console that owners can configure in numerous ways. A wireless charging pad is available for smartphones, and Volkswagen offers wireless connectivity for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. 

Surprisingly, the rear seats don’t lose out a great deal when it comes to passenger space in comparison to the ID.4. There is a slight reduction in headroom, but those of average height are unlikely to notice much difference. A sufficient amount of legroom makes it easy to stretch out and the flat floor means even the middle seat isn’t as compromised as it might be in a similarly sized combustion-engined car.

Boot space remains quite good, too, measuring up to 549 litres and, if you drop the split-folding rear seats, that space increases to 1,561 litres.

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What’s the Volkswagen ID.5 like to drive?

Three versions available, all with the same 77kWh battery

There will be three versions of the Volkswagen ID.5, though all use the same 77kWh battery. A base model uses a 174hp electric motor to drive the rear wheels and has the same official driving range as the more powerful 204hp model. Torque output of 310Nm provides a constant surge of acceleration whenever it is needed. The main advantage of the lower output version is that it is slightly cheaper to buy.

It is a quiet car on the move with little noise from the electric motor. As it isn’t overly powerful, the ID.5 makes progress in a smooth, linear fashion. The steering has a nicely weighted feel, and the suspension is just on the right side of firm. It maintains composure through bends and soaks up bumps well, though the optional 21-inch wheels have a lower tyre profile that can reduce comfort.

There are several driving modes to choose from depending on your preference, though if you’re seeking more performance you may want to consider the GTX. This is the most powerful version of the ID.5 and is the only one with a dual-motor setup that provides added acceleration and all-wheel drive. A total output of 299hp means that the ID.5 GTX will reach 100km/h from a standing start in 6.3 seconds, which is 2.1 seconds quicker than the 204hp ID.5.

Volkswagen also equips the GTX with sports suspension and variable ratio steering that reduces the number of turns needed at low speed or when parking. Two added features of the GTX are that it has a higher towing capacity of 1,400kg compared to the 1,200kg of other ID.5s, and the peak DC charging speed is 150kW, as opposed to 135kW on other models.

Which Volkswagen ID.5 should I buy?

Go for the 204hp version

Of the three powertrain options available, the middle 204hp model makes the most sense. It has ample performance for the average family and is just that bit quicker off the mark than the lower power version. The GTX is too pricey for what it offers and should only be considered if you absolutely need all-wheel drive.

Is the Volkswagen ID.5 safe?

Five-star NCAP rating

In the latest round of Euro NCAP tests the Volkswagen ID.5 received a five-star rating with 93 per cent for adult protection and 89 per cent for child occupant protection. The ID.5 has also earned a ‘very good’ rating from Euro NCAP for its assisted driving grades due to the high level of assistance systems onboard.

Verdict 👀

The Volkswagen ID.5 is more similar to the ID.4 than you might expect, which is no bad thing as both are among the better electric cars currently available. Despite the sportier exterior appearance, we were surprised by how little compromise there is to interior space. However, even with a good level of standard equipment, the ID.5 is an expensive car given the excellent alternatives that are now on sale.

Spec Check ⚙️

Volkswagen ID.5


Single Electric Motor


77kWh battery






8.4 seconds


513km (WLTP)

Top Speed

160 km/h


Single-speed automatic



Luggage Capacity


Price as tested


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