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New Peugeot e308 SW New Peugeot e308 SW

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New Peugeot e308 SW

Published 25th January 2024Read Time 5 min

A stylish and spacious all-electric estate!

What is the Peugeot e308 SW?

The e308 SW is the estate version of Peugeot’s classic hatchback. This is the all-electric version. It has a reasonably sized battery for good range, good power and excellent space inside.

What is the range of the Peugeot e308 SW?

The car has a 50.8kWh usable battery, for a WLTP range of just over 400km. In the real world, a figure like 300-330km is probably more realistic in general Irish driving. But that’s plenty to get you across the country! The SW is slightly bigger than the e308 hatchback and loses a very small bit of range as a result. But this is a welcome trade-off for those needing the capacity.

Beautiful design!

The Peugeot estate is very well designed. It is full of character and beautiful lines with a hint of aggression at the front end. It looks well at all spec levels, from Allure up to GT. There is a selection of expressive colours that make the e308 SW stand out. 

Inside, the quality of design follows through. The cabin is very well appointed. We were testing the higher spec, which had lovely blend of materials and fine attention to detail. The new design of the dash is both functional and good looking. It falls short of having that luxurious feel of a well-appointed BMW, but this is much cheaper and does very well for the price point.

How fast does the e308 charge?

The e308 comes with 11kW AC charging as standard. On DC, rates go up to 100kW. Considering this will be relatively efficient, that’s a good amount of range to be putting back in on a quick motorway stop!

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Is the Peugeot e308 spacious?

The e308 SW does quite well for a car of this foot-print. The boot is a massive at 608l, which actually beats some of the larger SUVs out there. Fold down those back seats and that expands out to 1,634 litres.

There is decent legroom in the back, and you’ll easily get 4 adults in there, with another in the back as a bit of a squeeze. Overall, the e308 SW does very well for a car of its size.

What is the Peugeot e308 SW like to drive?

The Peugeot is a nice blend of comfort and sportiness. The dampers work nicely to even out those smaller imperfections in the road. Put the car into a corner and the suspension is rigid enough to keep body roll to a minimum and corner well.

The e308 SW has a 115kW electric motor that turns out 156 hp and 260Nm torque. It’s not the fastest on the roads, but certainly is quick enough. With a 0-100km/h time of 9 seconds, it’s brisk rather than fast.

Overall thoughts?

The e308 is an exciting addition to Ireland’s electric car fleet. It is beautifully designed, and feels great on the road. Perhaps it could have done with a little more power to keep up with the competition, but anyone coming from a 1.6 litre hatchback will find it fairly brisk.

Pricing will be key, so we’ll keep an eye out for that. For now, the signs are very good indeed!

The big question is will this be in the running for an AA Ireland Car Award in 2024?

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