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New Year, New Me: Getting Your House in Order New Year, New Me: Getting Your House in Order

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New Year, New Me: Getting Your House in Order

Published 24th January 2024Read Time 5 min

Hands up who grew up in a household where, as soon as Christmas presents were unwrapped, dad was walking around with a bin bag for everyone to fill up?

And hands up who lives in a household where January was always time for big tidy-ups, and possibly some DIY once the decorations are down?

If you’ve been following our series of New Year, New Me blog posts this month, you’ll know we’ve been looking at how The AA can help you at home and on the road as we take those first steps into 2024.

Today, this post focuses on things a little closer to home, namely some ways we can help out if you’ve been getting your house in order. From moving into your first home to protection, let’s see how The AA can help.

When you’re getting ready to buy your first house

Getting your first home is an incredible milestone. It’s also one of those experiences where every little hiccup along the way can feel like a mountain of stress. As we’ve mentioned in our article explaining what happens when buying a home as a first-time buyer in Ireland, there is A LOT to consider.

Thankfully, home insurance is one of the easiest things to get sorted when you’re getting your keys, especially with The AA. You don’t have to answer a million and one questions to be met with a quote that is lightyears above what you expect. Have a go at checking what our quick quote tool can find. As we have an AA panel of approved insurers, we can look at on our end to find a better deal.

When you realise you have a lot of “stuff.”

There are always one or two BIG Christmas presents that you struggle to find space for once out of the box and assembled. And while we’re not near Spring cleaning time just yet, if you’ve been stuck in the house a lot over the last few weeks and started noticing just how much is lying around, your mind might be going, ‘should I be ensuring anything?’.

When you’re tripping over toys, have tablets left on sofas and have a hallway chock full of sports equipment, it might be worth looking into contents insurance. Slightly different from home insurance, contents insurance looks after your household goods & personal effects.

Also, we recommend reading our list of the Top 10 Home Security Tips, which maps out those little things we often overlook that can make our homes safer year-round.

When you’ve been noticing drips and creaking noises

With the recent cold snap in the weather, many of us at AA have been chatting about all the little noises and things at home we don’t typically pick up on. You’ll know yourself that your home might have certain noises that only happen when the boiler is on, or rain is dropping from the gutters.

If you’re one to get ahead of such issues, and like to have protection just in case something like your electric going off happens, AA Home Membership is worth looking into – especially if you’re an existing AA member.

When you’re thinking of renting out property

If you’re in a position where you’re about to rent out property for the first time, you’ll maybe not want to sit down and figure out how to deal with the likes of third-party claims, water damage or even rehousing tenants if something happens.

You’re not expected to be an expert; that’s what we’re here for! The AA can help new landlords with landlord insurance when letting private homes and purpose-built apartments to anyone.

When you’re getting ready to renew your home insurance!

Finally, this time of year is usually quite busy at AA HQ, as many customers get in touch to renew their home insurance. If you’re reading this and the realisation has hit you that you might have to do the same, get in touch today!

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