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November Fuel Prices: Petrol prices drop by almost 4% on average, Diesel by 3% November Fuel Prices: Petrol prices drop by almost 4% on average, Diesel by 3%

AA Monthly Fuel Index

November Fuel Prices: Petrol prices drop by almost 4% on average, Diesel by 3%

Published 22nd November 2022Read Time 3 min

  • Diesel prices slip below €2 per litre across the country on average according to the latest AA Ireland price survey
  • Petrol prices are back to February pricing in slight respite for motorists

In a week where motorists were hit with the prospect of a double increase, both in terms of toll charging and EV charging, there was some, slight, respite for motorists as the latest November AA Fuel Prices survey shows the average price of both diesel and petrol has fallen by around 6 cents per litre across Ireland.

The average price of diesel is now €1.96 per litre, six cents less than this time last month (€2.02) or a 3 per cent reduction. The average price of a litre of petrol has fallen to €1.77, a 3.8% reduction in price compared to October (€1.84).

“This week has been a particularly challenging one as motorists look ahead to 2023, with the prospect of increases in toll prices across the country, as well as the announcement of an up to 50% increase in the price of public EV charging. It had looked like we were on an upwards trajectory when it came to fuel prices, especially diesel, but thankfully these have settled somewhat,” said AA Ireland Head of Communications, Paddy Comyn.

However it is thought that this price drop might just be some tempory respite, as there are a number of other factors to consider. European traders have been rushing to fill tanks in the region with Russian diesel before an EU ban begins in February. The European Union will ban Russian oil product imports, on which it relies heavily for its diesel,by February 5th. This will follow a ban on Russian crude taking effect in December. Diesel from Russia has made up 44% of Europe’s total imports so far in November, compared with 39% in October. Russia remains the continent’s largest diesel supplier. Quite what will happen to the price of diesel, in particular, after the EU ban comes into effect remains to be seen.

AA Ireland Members can avail of 3 cents off a litre from Circle K via the AA Ireland App.

*AA calculates a diesel car will travel, on average, around 850km on a tank vs 700km in petrol, which is why even though diesel is more expensive, the consumer is still likely to use less of it for the same average 17,000km per year.