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Our latest AA Survey - participate here Our latest AA Survey - participate here

AA Motoring Panel Poll

Our latest AA Survey - participate here

Published 20th March 2014Read Time 2 min

We are conducting a major survey of the opinions of Irish motorists and homeowners on current issues. Our questionnaire is in the same format as before – as many of you will know it is simple to click through and we hope that it is quick and easy but at the same time all the questions have comment boxes and we very much welcome detailed points and feedback.
The eagle-eyed amongst you who have taken part in previous surveys will spot that there are one or two questions that are exactly the same as ones we asked last year – specifically relating to potholes following the severe winter weather.  We are also asking questions relating to flood defences and the potential new general insurance levy that Minister Hogan is proposing.  We will be bringing our findings on this to Government and we welcome all thoughts on the issue.
As always we are grateful to everyone for taking the time to take part in the survey. As usual, if there are questions that don’t interest you just skip on by. We don’t want to take up too much of your time but we are offering a little prize to say thanks once again. Everyone who takes part in the poll will be entered into a draw to win €500 in cash. 
If you have any suggestions or ideas for us please let us know at

To take the AA Motorists Panel Survey, click here

As I say each time, we get a fantastic amount of feedback and information from motorists via our email address Do please keep them coming. Regular correspondents will know that we read every single one and we do our best to answer them all individually but bear with us as it can take some time to respond to them all. We don’t send automatic email replies (I don’t like them to be honest – if you disagree please let me know).
Conor Faughnan,
Director of Consumer Affairs,
AA Ireland.