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Parking in Dublin City Parking in Dublin City

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Parking in Dublin City

Published 16th December 2016Read Time 12 min

What days are free?

Ever wondered when it’s free to park in Dublin City? Well, it’s top secret information, but just between ourselves, there are nine days throughout the year outside the usual Pay and Display times that you can do so. Result! While parking without a valid ticket will get you clamped, doing so on the below dates is permitted, thanks to the lovely folks at Dublin City Council.  


Is parking free on bank holidays in Dublin? 

Typically, you can park for free in Dublin (where there’s usually pay and & display) on the following days: 

  • St Patrick’s Day (17th March) 
  • Easter Sunday and Monday (variable dates) 
  • May Public Holiday (first Monday in May) 
  • June Public Holiday (first Monday in June) 
  • August Public Holiday (first Monday in August) 
  • October Public Holiday (last Monday in October) 
  • Christmas Day (25th December) 
  • St. Stephen’s Day (26th December) 
  • New Year’s Day (1st January) 

So if you have the urge to splash out in the shops, work around town, or are simply visiting family or friends – you can park free on these dates without the fear of returning to a shiny yellow triangle on your wheel. 

Come back to a flat tyre? The AA can help 

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