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Planning a holiday from Ireland

Published 18th July 2022Read Time 8 min

It is safe to say we have all been dreaming about planning a holiday in 2022. As exciting as planning a getaway can be, travel anxiety is very real for anyone setting off on a foreign holiday. Apart from a few extra precautions added in 2022, travel is not too different from before the pandemic. It is time to put your passport to good use on a short hop or a long break away. We have you covered with our guide on how to plan a holiday in 2022.

13 Effective steps for planning a holiday


1. Choose your top 3 holiday destinations

If you have been dreaming of holidays for a while now you might have a few ideal destinations to choose from. Luckily for us, we have plenty of choices all only a short hop away from Ireland. If you need some inspiration our guide on 10 city breaks under 3 hours from Ireland might spark some ideas. Decide on your top 3 holiday destinations. This allows you to compare your options without getting overwhelmed by all the choices out there.


2. Set a budget for your holiday

Once you have decided on your ideal destinations it’s time to set a budget. There is absolutely no fun in a holiday that leaves you worrying over funds. Set a realistic budget that allows you to enjoy yourself and manage your finances. With so much choice out there, you won’t have much trouble planning a holiday that suits your budget. Take into consideration any other extra costs like airport transfers, car rentals and local transport costs.


3. Check for up-to-date travel advice

Before you get any further into your planning your holiday from Ireland. Check your ideal destinations for any travel restrictions or requirements. If you are travelling within the EU and Schengen Associated countries, you can use Reopen EU. They have a helpful travel plan guide that allows you to review any travel requirements in your chosen destination.


4. Make sure your passport and digital covid cert are in date

Has it been a while since you have last used your passport? It’s worth double-checking your passport and  EU Digital COVID Certificate will be in date and valid for the dates you are planning your holiday on.


5. Start researching your holiday options

Now that you have your ideal destinations chosen and all your essential travel requirements confirmed. It’s time to start planning what your holiday will actually look like. Consider what you want from your holiday? What do you want to do, see or eat? Is it a city break you’re after, a sun holiday or a winter sports getaway?  Start researching based on activities and what exactly you want from your holiday.


6. It’s time for a cost comparison

Once you have a rough idea of what kind of holiday you’re looking for it’s time to compare costs. Compare accommodation, flights and holiday packages for the areas you are hoping to travel to.

It helps to jot everything down. This gives you a full picture of the costs of each destination.

Your carefree holiday feeling can fade very quickly if you get stung with extra unforeseen costs. So make sure you don’t over-stretch your budget.


7. Take advantage of flexible booking options

Since the pandemic, it’s more common for airlines and hotels to offer flexible booking options or free cancellations up until a certain date. Should anything unexpected spring up. It’s always a good idea to give yourself the option to rebook or change your dates around.


8. Plan your holiday activities

Local businesses have all been affected by the global pandemic. So, be sure to check that any local activities or restaurants you have read about are open before you factor them into your itineraries.


9. Give your bank a call

Before using your bank cards abroad make sure to inform your bank of your travel plans. Giving your provider notice can stop your account from being flagged and frozen for unusual behaviour while abroad. This is particularly important if you have not been abroad in a while.


10. Get your travel insurance policy in place

With the excitement of getting back to holidays abroad, travel insurance can easily be forgotten about. It’s an essential part of protecting yourself and your holiday plans. Save yourself from any unexpected expensive medical bills, and losing out on flight cancellations.


11. Make sure your travel insurance policy includes COVID 19 Cover

Unfortunately, COVID-19 can still affect our travel plans. This is why you should make sure any travel insurance you take out has COVID -19 Cover.

With the AA you can enjoy a worry-free holiday experience. Covering you for disruptions due to COVID-19 and related medical expenses if you contract COVID-19 while abroad.

Make sure you are protected and get a quote for AA travel insurance online today.


12. Review your home security

Reviewing your home security before you head away is essential. Ask a family member or friend to keep an eye on your home if you’re heading away for a long period of time. Not sure how to review your home security? Our guide on How to secure your home against burglary can help you get started.


13. Stay up to date with  Ireland’s travel policy

Currently, there are no restrictions on returning to Ireland after travelling abroad. You can stay up to date on any changes with


Planning on bringing your car on your holiday from Ireland? Give yourself the peace of mind with AA European breakdown cover. You can access our network of local garages across Europe. If you face any bumps along the way we will be there to get you back on the road.