Potential new tolls for motorway users – let us know your thoughts!

Following on from a National Road Authority report submitted to the previous government last October which recommended eight new toll locations on Irish Motorways as well as an extension of tolling points on the M50, it has been reported that the NRA has now hired a team of consultants to devise plans for the introduction of these potential new tolls.
Likely tolling points
If the plan goes ahead, a multipoint tolling system would to be introduced along the M50.  Other roads under review by consultants are:
  • The N9 Carlow bypass on the Dublin to Waterford motorway
  • The Dundalk bypass
  • The N20 at Croom, Co. Limerick
  • The N20 at Mallow, Co. Cork
  • The N18 Ennis bypass and Jack Lynch Tunnel, Cork.
While the AA is firmly in opposition of these proposed new tolls which would add significantly to the cost of motoring for commuters in many areas of the country, we’re also keen to hear your views. Let us know your thoughts by posting a comment to us here on our blog or drop us an email to publicaffairs@aaireland.ie


  1. I live in Arklow and work in Dundrum, I heard that as well as extending the M50 toll they were going to toll the Arklow bypass?
    I barely have enough money to support me and my family at the end of the month by the time my bills are paid. If this is true, I will have to pay two tolls twice a day and can no longer afford to travel to my work. I will have to go on the dole costing the state in lost revenue from my taxes and in paying my benefits unless I am lucky enough to find work in and around Arklow. If I have to move house, the state will also loose revenue as I will be leaving the country.

  2. Dear Connor,

    Just sent a rocket to Leo Varadkar. I am a constituent. If these tolls go ahead he can whistle for my vote next time around!
    I found it hard to restrain the invective and opprobrium that this proposal engenders in me. Am I the only one in the country who is as mad as hell at this proposal.

    This WILL get me onto the street.

    It is plain stupid. The NRA is looking for a lifeline to ensure its continued existence into the future. They have done their job and should be disbanded.

    If you drive around the area south of Barcelona you will get a feeling for what is would be like if this nonsense goes ahead. One stop after another in a small area for a few cents at a time and a whole infrastructure required to support this – IT IS NONSENSE.

    The delays, the need for change, the extra public servants/outsourced persons, the outrage of motorists, the switching to secondary and even tertiary roads – all conspire to make this a complete non-starter. IS IT APRIL 1st BY ANY CHANCE????

    How can we organise against this? IT MUST BE SHOT DOWN IN FLAMES BEFORE IT GETS ANY TRACTION.

    Put 2c on the litre of petrol if needed. What would that bring in? Ring fence it for road repairs or don’t repair the roads. Who would notice anyway.

    Mad as Hell
    Colm, Swords, Dublin.

  3. Road taxes (not tolls) : What will be the economic impact of increased road tolls ?

    Will road users decide to cut back on their optional travel – example going to Galway for the weekend. People on North County Dublin declining to drive on the M1 to Drogheda to shop.

    Example : Roman Catholics have cut back on going to church because they no longer have faith in the system. Customers have cut back on the pub as a result of the cost. Drivers have cut back on their travel due to the cost of petrol, reducing car service intervals, tyre sales, etc. Weekend breaks down the country resulting in losses for local shops, restaurants, bars and guest houses. Television viewers have cut back on SKY due to the cost not to mention landlines for telephone. Shoppers have cut back on their shopping with brand names and quantities and have diverted their shopping to low cost shops such as Aldi and Lidl. Drivers are pooling so that the return to taxes (tolls) is reduced. Once you lose a product being purchased – getting it back on the economy is a real difficulty.

    Of course, our government bails out the road builders with monies so the poor dears don’t lose money on their investments. Small shops etc do not have the same contract to be bailed out.

  4. I am totally against the introduction of further tolls. Sick of paying so much tax on petrol and with world petrol prices likely to increase, the government automatically get more tax when I fill up – enough is enough.

    If the NRA ‘forgot’ to put in toll booths when they built various new roads – tough. I am grateful for said roads but thought I was paying for them through existing taxes and tolls where appropriate.

    One of your respondents on the website suggested more excise duty on petrol – no way! Getting to and from work is not a luxury! I live in Terenure and work in Cabinteely – to bus it means two buses – one into town and another out to Cabinteely – 90 to 120 mins (each way) depending on traffic and connecting buses. So driving is the only option. And that alreayd costing enough, thank you!


    John Smyth

  5. Now that the country is finally getting a decent Motorway infrastructure, in order to keep traffic moving and reduce travelling times. Introducing tolls is a perfect way of slowing it down again. Makes you wonder why they bothered building them in the first place..!

  6. If this goes through 4 tolls between Galway and Cork and most of the route is not motoway standard. They are having a laugh surely at our expense.

  7. If any other supplier sold goods to a customer and then, subsequently, told the customer that he had now decided to charge the customer again it would be at least breach of contract and possibly fraud. It is no different to the newsagent selling someone a newspaper and then, as he is on his way out of the shop, telling him he must pay a charge every time he wants to read it. This simply demonstrates our shiny new government’s loose association with ethics.

  8. It’s just another way to keep taking money off our citizens. Have we not been taxed enough with increased taxes, levies, cuts everywhere, property tax and water charges looming. Straw that broke the camel’s back comes to mind. Heaven forbid we get anything without a tax. Perhaps we could add a tax on grey skies and rain…

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