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Shopping for a car? Check this out! Shopping for a car? Check this out!

AA Car Data Check

Shopping for a car? Check this out!

Published 9th February 2023Read Time 4 min

We don’t like to show off that we’re car experts or anything, but as Ireland’s leading breakdown specialists, it is fair to say we know a thing or two about what makes for a good deal when buying a car.

You may already know that any car featured on the AA Approved Car Program has to go through a 101-point safety check, but did you know that The AA can help you check out that a car you’re considering buying is up to scratch?

This time of year is quite busy for people buying cars, and you don’t want to find yourself thinking you’re getting a great on a used car that turns out to be a bit of a dud.

That’s where AA Car Check comes in! If you’ve never done one before, or know someone shopping around a car, here’s why you might want to have a vehicle check carried out.

You get to know how much use there’s been

A vehicle check will come with a mileage check. This is where data is crosscheck with the National Mileage Registry (NMR) to give an accurate idea of mileage and ensure there aren’t any discrepancies that could be seen as a red flag.

You’ll typically also get to know how many previous owners a car has had & whether the vehicle has been working away or sitting idly in someone’s driveway for a while.

You get to know if it’s been a hackney!

Cars need taxed depending on their usage, and you would be surprised if you bought a car only to find out it had been used as a taxi, hackney etc. Getting a check lets you know if a car has been used as a commercial vehicle, taxi or hackney.

You get to know if anyone’s been under the bonnet

If you’re buying a car that is a decent age, you wouldn’t expect all the original parts to be there, but you wouldn’t want to get sold something that isn’t the genuine article. If you’re not well versed in knowing car specs, a vehicle check will quickly tell you if the likes of the engine were changed or aesthetic features were replaced over time.

You get to know if the car is coming from across the water

AA Car Check has two report levels you can choose from – two stars & three stars. The latter comes with the option to get a full UK history check if you’re buying a car that was previously registered in the UK. This helps provide clarity on the car, especially if the car was ever involved in an accident and get damaged in any way.

Who would benefit from an AA Vehicle Check?

We would say that everyone thinking of buying a used car gets a vehicle check done as standard, as a car is a major purchase. Outside of that, we would recommend advising friends & family who wouldn’t be the best at knowing cars to get one, especially if they haven’t been told whether the car was previously written off/had work done/there’s still finance to be paid on the car etc.

Essentially, it can help put minds at ease and make for a more confident purchase. To try it out, give the check a quick go here, and see if it’s something worth considering putting your mind at ease.