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Breakdowns up during wild weather

Published 8th January 2014Read Time 1 min

Breakdowns in worst afflicted areas see Patrols brave the elements

The stormy weather has come and gone and itโ€™s left its mark. While itโ€™s delighted a small group of big wave surfers, itโ€™s been a tough time for many communities around the country and our sympathy goes out to everyone who has been adversely affected. Our Patrols operate countrywide and have had cause to respond to AA Members in some of the worst afflicted areas. Widespread flooding and its knock-on effects always lead to delays and difficulties for motorists and this is typically reflected in the number of breakdowns we attend during these challenging conditions. Nationally breakdowns for the first week of 2014 were up by 9% on the same week last year. In Cork it was worse still, our Patrols attended 16% more breakdowns during the first seven days of 2014, while we attended 15% more in Sligo and 12% more in Galway. When it comes to vehicles and water damage prevention is of course preferable to cure. For advice on how to tackle flood water while driving click here.

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