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AA Urges Motorists to be Careful over Long Weekend AA Urges Motorists to be Careful over Long Weekend

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AA Urges Motorists to be Careful over Long Weekend

Published 12th April 2017Read Time 3 min

With an increase in the number of motorists on Irish roads expected over the coming days, the AA is calling on motorists to be extra careful particularly as many motorists will be travelling on routes they’re less accustomed to. While traffic levels have eased over the past days, the motoring organisation expects many motorists to take to the roads across the country this weekend, as people take advantage of the long weekend. “Any time we have a long weekend we tend to see changes in certain people’s driving behaviours. Not only do we see an increase in drink-driving levels, but we also see an increase in irresponsible driver behaviour as people rush to try to reach their destination as quickly as possible,” Conor Faughnan, AA Director of Consumer Affairs stated “However, as many motorists will also undertake journeys on routes which they may not be particularly used to, its hugely important that all drivers exercise additional caution and patience in the coming days to help make this weekend a safe one on our roads. Long weekend or not we need to keep our roads safe and there is no excuse for driving while drunk or failing to drive carefully.” With an increase expected in the number of people undertaking length journeys, the AA Rescue team is bracing itself for a busy Easter weekend, with additional resources being deployed as an increase in the number of breakdowns is expected. “During any bank holiday weekend we normally see an increase in breakdowns as many motorists undertake longer journeys than they normally would,” says Conor. “This is especially true when it comes to Easter and in order to cope with this spike, AA Patrols will be on duty up and down the country. As well as this we would urge motorists to exercise additional caution over the coming days as not only will traffic levels build on certain routes, but many motorists will be driving on roads they don’t know that well increasing the risk of accidents.” Need help planning your journey this long weekend? Use the AA Routeplanner or check out our post on public transport over the long weekend

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