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Tesla realigns Irish prices.

Published 13th January 2023Read Time 7 min

Good news for Irish Tesla buyers

Tesla follows recent price drop policy in other markets by doing the same here in Ireland.

A press release by the brand has announced that “As local vehicle production continues to increase and we gain further economies of scale globally, we are making Model 3 and Model Y even more accessible across EMEA.”

The Model 3 now starts from €44,990

How much does a Tesla cost in Ireland?

In Ireland, the Tesla Model 3 starts from €44,990 and Model Y from €46,990. With this change, Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive, Model 3 Long Range, Model Y Rear-Wheel Drive and Model Y Long Range now qualify for the SEAI plug-in grant worth up to an additional €5,000. This represents a drop of approximately €7,000 in some cases.

Electric Vehicles are frequently criticised for being too expensive. Although spending more than €40,000 on a car is unrealistic for most people, it brings prices closer to the Petrol and Diesel equivalents. And when you consider the savings on fuel and maintenance, the total cost of ownership may surprise you.

Tesla Model 3 pricing

The Tesla Model 3 now starts at €44,990. For that, EV drivers get a real-world range of around 400km, nearly 300hp and boot space of 561 litres. With the price drop, customers can purchase the Long Range version and still get the grant. However, buyers should be aware that the addition of some options, such as upgrading the interior and the wheels, may well push the car beyond €60,000, which would miss out on the €5,000 grant.

Tesla Model Y pricing

The Model Y has also seen a significant drop. It now starts at €46,900, well under the grant. The Model Y has a real-world range of 350km and has 300 horsepower on tap. With 854 litres of luggage capacity, young families and those with dogs will be delighted. Thanks to the price drop, the Long Range Model Y now qualifies for the grant. But buyers should be aware that adding extras will likely push it out of the grant threshold, missing out on the €5,000

Tesla Gigafactories – Berlin and Shanghai

Tesla has been through massive expansion over the last few years. Their car production facilities are frequently called ‘Gigafactories’. Tesla Shanghai and Tesla Berlin are seeing production ramp up following a period of uncertainty through supply chain issues and the lasting impacts of Covid. Production numbers now exceed 1 million vehicles annually and are likely to reach 2 million in the near future.

Tesla Gigafactory

What about the competition?

These price changes will likely have an effect on the market in Ireland. Potential buyers of other EVs, such as the Polestar 2, the BMW i4, the VW iD.4 and the Kia EV6, could now be tempted into a Tesla. Beyond that, those considering Petrol and Diesel equivalents due to the price disparity with EVs may not feel that way any longer. For example, the vast majority of Volkswagen Tiguan buyers will be spending at least €48,120 to get the keys. Yet, the Tesla Model Y has double the horsepower, a third more boot space and gets more features as standard.

We will be watching the sales figure closely this year to see how Irish car buyers react to this price drop. If you are interested in a Tesla, check out our review of the Tesla Model Y on our YouTube channel.

The Model Y now starts from €46,990.

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