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The AA's Ultimate Winter Driving Guide The AA's Ultimate Winter Driving Guide

Winter driving

The AA's Ultimate Winter Driving Guide

Published 15th December 2022Read Time 5 min

Here at AA HQ, we want you to be prepared for driving in winter & if you’re a regular blog reader, you’ll know that we have more than a few articles and guides to help you drive safely on the road.

From time to time, it helps to highlight some of the small actions you can take to make driving safer, easier, and less stressful at this time of year. That’s why we’re highlighting articles in what we call our Ultimate Winter Driving Guide, picking some of the most popular winter driving blog posts of the past that are worth highlighting.

Give them a read, and make sure you share those you find yourself with friends and family who you’ll know will be driving a lot in the next few weeks.

Getting the windows ready to roll

With the darker and colder mornings, people can make some silly mistakes as they scurry outside to defrost cars – we’re looking at you people who boil the kettle and throw water around (unsafe for both the car and you!).

We know that you might not be 100% awake when you nip out to defrost the car, which is why our guide to defrosting your car is well worth a read, especially if you keep your car in a garage.

Who should I share this with? – Anyone you know who commutes by car in the winter.

Knowing what to look for when you’re hitting the road

If you think I Spy is the only awareness game you can play in your car, try looking out for icy patches and ground frost. If you’re not used to adverse weather conditions when you drive, understanding Mother Nature’s trickiest winter driving conditions is a must.

Who should I share this with? – Young drivers who wouldn’t be used to driving the likes of ice and fog.

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

We don’t tend to get the old White Christmas in the part of the world, but it is common to get little pockets throughout winter when Mother Nature decides to snow or hail like there’s no tomorrow. Obviously, we’re used to the rain, but snow and hail can throw people off, especially when driving on country roads.

From knowing how to utilise gear changes for better tyre control to knowing what signals to pick up from other drivers, learn how to drive safely in snow or hail.

Who should I share this with? – Everyone, as people often underestimate snowy conditions.

Ice Ice Baby

We could pop in the ICONIC video on the man slipping on ice on Church Street, and while we’d all have a good laugh, we’d be none the wiser of knowing what to do when we’re behind the wheel and notice roads are getting a little too icy for our comfort.

When those weather warnings come on the TV or radio and tell us temperatures will drop overnight, the AA Ireland's guide to driving in icy conditions has you covered.

Who should I share this with? –Anyone you know who will be driving early in the morning or late at night.

The Van with A Plan

Vans can tackle all seasons, but it doesn’t mean they should brave the elements in colder months. From how to check tyres to knowing when to get new wipers, you’ll want to read about the 5 Ways To Get Your Van Winter Ready.

Who should I share this with? –Anyone you know who drives a van, especially if they’re out doing a lot of work or deliveries at this time of year