Top Tips for Renovating your Home this Summer

With longer days and better weather (occasionally at least), the summer season can be a good opportunity to carry out some DIY work or renovate your home. Whether you’re planning to expand your home to accommodate a growing family, prepare your home for retirement, or simply looking to make a few minor changes the AA Mortgage Protection team has put together some advice on how to make your renovations as stress-free as possible and avoid putting a significant dent in your bank balance!

Set a budget, but don’t aim to spend it all

If you’re planning significant renovations it’s important to sit down and consider how much your planned changes are going to cost. Whether you’re just looking to purchase new furniture or planning on having some building work done, costs can mount pretty quickly so it’s important to know how much you can afford to spend on the works.

However, equally important is to try to predict the unexpected. If you’re having building work done costs may vary from what you were originally quoted so it’s important that you have a little wiggle room in your budget to cover any unexpected costs. A good rule of thumb would be to aim to use 80-85% of what you’ve budgeted for the renovations which means that even if the costs run over what you expected you’re still likely going to be able to stick within your original budget.

Have a plan and stick to it

While it’s important to exercise a little flexibility with your budget to avoid overspending, when it comes to the physical renovations it’s important to stick to your plan as closely as possible. Whether you’re building an extension, redesigning your kitchen or just changing the layout of a bedroom it’s important that you know exactly what you want the finished product to look like to avoid any confusion and limit any wasted time. Having a clear plan in place will also help when it comes to sticking to your budget as you’ll minimise time and money being spent on unnecessary work.

Examine what you have before you start

For a lot of people homes are a constant work in progress and you’re never truly happy with them. As a result it can be easy to think that an extension or new kitchen will fix that, as more space will surely make for a happier home. Before you begin any renovations though take the time to review what your home currently looks like, clear out anything that you no longer need, and see if there are ways to re-organise your existing home to maximise the space you have.

By the time your home is clutter-free you may find that you have more space than you originally though. Even better, you’ll have likely saved a significant amount of money on an extension that you may not have needed.

Consider the long-term future

When it comes to home renovations your main focus will be building what you want right now. However, it’s important to also plan for the future. This will mean you’ll avoid having to undo some of the work you’re planning on doing now down the line. If you’re adding a room onto your house for a child then consider that they will someday be a teenager. Alternatively, if your children are grown up and have moved out then anticipating your future needs is a good idea. Preparing for old age, such as making the downstairs of your home more accessible, may be a good investment.

If you are carrying out some renovations it can be a good time to reconsider your mortgage protection. Switching provider could help you save in the long-run, giving you a little more money to help cover your renovation costs.

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