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Used Car Reviews – Volkswagen Golf Mark 7.5 Used Car Reviews – Volkswagen Golf Mark 7.5

Used Car Reviews

Used Car Reviews – Volkswagen Golf Mark 7.5

Published 7th December 2023Read Time 5 min

We headed to Evra Motors in Dublin to have a look at a 2019 Volkswagen Golf. Evra Motors are an AA Approved Garage, so this Golf comes with 12 months free Breakdown Rescue and a 101 point check. We wanted to see how the car was holding up after 120,000km, and see if it’s something you should consider! 

What is the Golf Mark 7.5?

The Golf Mark 7.5 was sold up until around 2020 when Volkswagen introduced the Mark 8 version. It got a mid-cycle refresh that distinguishes it from the Mark 7 Golf. It is a family-sized hatchback that has been a mainstay in Ireland for decades now. With decent space, a nice range of engines and good build quality, the Golf is one of those cars that hits the mark for so many people.

How much does it cost to run a VW Golf?

Fuel economy

A Golf will typically go fairly easy on fuel, but of course that depends on which engine you buy. A Golf R turns out a fierce amount of power and will be a little thirsty. We tested the 1.0l petrol which will comfortably return around 40mpg, and much better if you treat it nicely. Those doing longer motorway journeys have typically favoured a Diesel.

Don’t forget that if you want to reduce your fuel costs, you can download the AA App here. You don’t even have to be a member. Just use the App at the counter in a participating Circle K garage and you will get a 3c per litre discount!

Tax & Insurance

Tax will also be quite cheap at €200 for the 1.0l petrol version we tested. This is about the cheapest you will find out there, unless of course you opt for an electric car which will only be €120 per year.

The Golf we tested would do fairly well for insurance also. It’s a relatively small car, and has a small engine that doesn’t produce much more than 100hp. If you are interested in finding out how much it would cost to insure then you can get a quote from us here!

Is the Volkswagen Golf spacious?

The Golf is just about the right size for many people. It’s compact enough to be manoeuvrable, but large enough to fit 4 adults, with the weekly shop in the boot. 

For young families, it will probably work also. For sure, there are bigger vehicles out there, but the Golf will still fit the baby seats in the back and a buggy in the boot. 

Spec and finish inside

We were testing the R-line version of the Golf. This has a higher level of spec, and gives the car quite a nice finish. We’re not talking premium levels here, but there is a sense of quality to the materials in general and it’s well put-together. 

Our test model had 3-stage heated seats, Cruise Control, leather seats and automatic climate control. 

What is the Golf Mark 7.5 like to drive?

Our test car had the DSG automatic gear box which was working nicely, with no strange noises or anything signs that something was wrong. The suspension felt solid. It’s a little firm, but you welcome that in cornering, where it feels solid and planted.

The 1.0l petrol engine is small but the car doesn’t feel underpowered. It’s peppy, and has plenty of power to get you up to motorway speeds. For those that want a bit more power, you can search out a Golf GTD, GTI or R. There’s a good chance you’ll find them here, where we have more than 4,000 AA Approved cars listed.

Why buy an AA Approved Car?

AA Approved garages are inspected before being allowed onto our programme. They have to meet a certain quality to be accepted. If they don’t continue to meet our standards, they will be removed.

Each AA Approved car that is sold comes with a 101-point check. For added peace of mind, you get 12 months free Breakdown Rescue when you buy an AA Approved car. You can learn more about the programme here.