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Kitchen Trends 2022 Kitchen Trends 2022

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What are The Latest Kitchen Trends in 2022?

Published 22nd June 2022Read Time 7 min

We have seen our kitchens adapt so much in the last few years, but what is next for the multifunctional space? Whether you’re a first-time buyer renovating an older home, or an experienced homeowner looking to upgrade your kitchen. Get inspired and transform the heart of your home with the latest and most innovative kitchen trends in 2022.

8 Industry leading kitchen trends

1. Broken plan is the new open plan 

Open-plan kitchens are set to be a kitchen trend of the past with broken plan taking its place. This design method allows homeowners to combine both an open and spacious kitchen design with the added benefits of privacy throughout the home. Creating dedicated zones for cooking, cleaning dining and entertaining. This is achieved with folding screens, partitions, shelving, half walls, and strategically placed furniture for cosy nooks to unwind in.

This method gives homeowners all the benefits of an open plan with added functionality and privacy. If you are renovating an older build, improving your homes BER rating can help keep your new broken plan kitchen and dining room cosy in winter.


2. Two-toned kitchen cabinets

Two-tone kitchens are now the preferred choice over an all-white minimalist look, changing traditional spaces into crisp and modern kitchens that also add warmth and style.

Classic white cabinets will always be a popular choice but now they are paired with contrasting.

So, if a simple DIY is in your kitchen renovation plans, upgrading your cabinets with contrasting or a bold pop of colour will be an easy and cost-effective home upgrade to change your space.


3. Rich wooden kitchens

Rich wood kitchens are playing a significant role in 2022 kitchen trends, this can be seen in the form of wood stained kitchen cabinets or accents throughout the room. If you’re looking for a kitchen full of warmth and character with a touch of luxury then a deep walnut kitchen is the way to go. Wooden cabinets are also a fantastic way to bring in natural elements to balance out an industrial or sterile style kitchen creating a very homely and authentic feel.


 4. Flexible workstations

It’s no surprise to see flexible kitchen spaces a key trend in 2022, with hybrid working here to stay, it’s becoming part of the norm to create a working kitchen.

In smaller homes where an office might not be possible, multi-functional workspaces can save on space by maximizing every corner of the kitchen. Homeowners are choosing between tucked away corner workstations or intelligently utilising kitchen islands and extended breakfast bars.


5. Clever storage solutions

Homeowners are making use of every nook and cranny they have. Utilising even the most awkward corner cabinets with folding innovative storage solutions and large pan drawers. Free-standing pantries are also becoming increasingly popular. This can easily be created with a single piece of furniture for all the kitchen essentials, maximising on space and reducing kitchen clutter.


6. Open shelving

 Bulky cabinets are being replaced with contemporary open shelving. A modern storage solution that adds space and depth to smaller kitchens. This is a design concept for those looking to show off their personality in the kitchen. Curated crockery and glassware collections are used to create this type of feature wall. This kitchen design trend gives homeowners the chance to style their feature shelves to their own taste levels. Paring everyday cups and saucers with photographs, plants, pots or candles, anything goes.


7. Smart kitchen appliances  

Hot water taps are one of the most coveted kitchen appliances of 2022. You will never have to wait for the kettle to boil again with instant access to piping hot water. You can also help do your part for the environment by only using the exact amount of water that you need, no more overfilling the kettle for one cup of tea.


8. Concealed kitchen designs  

Minimalist designs are now all about creating a concealed kitchen, this is created to make a functional space that allows you to hide away any sign of your kitchen at the end of the day, creating a sleek and minimalist space. This is created with a sliding panel that hides away kitchen appliances. This is particularly popular with smaller dual kitchen and living areas.


Kitchen trends in 2022 all have functionality and innovation in common, making your home work for your lifestyle should be at the centre of your kitchen renovation plans. To get started on your new kitchen follow our guide on how to plan your next home renovation project.


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