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Why Buy A Dash Cam? Why Buy A Dash Cam?

Driving & Road Safety

Why Buy A Dash Cam?

Published 19th September 2023Read Time 4 min

Dash cams have quickly become the norm in cars due to how helpful these compact devices are when it comes to liability if you are unfortunate to be in a road accident.

Though there is more than one reason to have them in your car and it’s important to get the right type to suit you.

The different types of dash cams

There are three main types of dash cams, but only two are really relevant to the average road user.

Front View

They see everything in front of you and usually are the cheapest though this means the dash cam isn’t recording what’s happening behind. If you get rear ended, that won’t be recorded.

The most popular brands are the classic Garmin and NextBase. The more popular brands go for around €129 to €209.

Front and back view

They see both the front and back of the car. A lot of accidents happen at low speeds in urban areas and involve rear end collisions. It’s worth spending extra to make sure you are protected from rear accidents.

Cabin view

They see everything that happens inside the vehicle itself rather than outside. Its primarily used by taxis and chauffeur services for any evidence against foul play.

Advantages of having a dash cam

There is a couple of reasons why dash cams are used by so many motorists today.


The main reason why dash cams have become so popular in Ireland and elsewhere is they help determine liability or who’s at fault if there is an accident. If an accident happens and both drivers are claiming it was the other driver’s fault, dash cams come in handy when it comes to responsibility, it’s hard to argue with video evidence.

The recordings or evidence of the accident can then be passed to insurance companies when building a claim or the Garda if a crime has been committed.

Dash cam recordings also speed up an insurance claims process as they give clear evidence, and less investigations are needed.

New / Young Drivers

Insurance companies often give discounts or lower rates on car insurance for new drivers that have a dash cam installed in the car. The logic being new / young drivers are expected to behave better in the car if they know everything is being recorded, and as young drivers are the most likely group to be involved in car accidents, there is video evidence if or when things go wrong.

If you are a new driver and want to get the most out of your insurance, check out the AA Young Drivers Insurance.

Parking Protection

Some dash cams have a parking mode feature which means if your car is parked and someone hits it, the dash cam will start recording, which can be very helpful if someone clips your wind mirror and decides not to stop.

Dash Cam FAQS

How much is a dash cam?

Dash cams vary in price from anywhere between €82 to up to €500 though the cheaper you go, the quality will also drop.

How to install a dash cam?

Most dash cams have been designed for universal fitment, so it’s usually possible to get your preferred model up and running in any kind of vehicle.

It’s usually as simple as picking an adequate front and back location in your car, using the mounts that come with the dash cam (most likely a suction window one), plugging it in and running the checks to see if it’s covering all the angles.

Road Safety

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