Would you have been fooled?

Our AA UK conterparts had lots of fun this April Fools Day with their rather tongue-and-cheek “Pothole Assist” gag!  Take a look at their ficticious news clip on YouTube, published on April 1st (of course!) by clicking here.

As part of the joke they claimed they were extending their AA Fuel and Battery Assist services to include “AA Pothole Assist” whereby patrols would fill in any potholes they come across between breakdown jobs with a revolutionary new solution ‘quick seal yellow’.  Just image all those yellow polka dot roads! 

Sign our AA Ireland Pothole Petition                                                                                                                          All humour aside, on our side of the Irish Sea, we’re inviting motorists to sign our AA Ireland pothole petition which has already attracted thosands of signatures from frustrated motorists. Click here to add your signature today.

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