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Driving After Brexit – Green Cards Not Required

Green Cards & Driving

Driving up to Northern Ireland or across to Britain should be simple, but Brexit has made things confusing.

If you’re getting ready to make the drive, here’s what to know:

What you’re asking the AA about driving in NI & GB.

Green Cards are not required when driving between the Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland.

An agreement has been reached with the UK Department of Transport, which means that Irish residents holding valid insurance will not have to get a Green Card for travel in Britain.

Even if the UK leave the EU without a withdrawal agreement, Irish motorists travelling in Britain or Northern Ireland will not be affected.

Depending on your car insurance policy, you can drive and use your insured car in any country the European Commission approves (a full list can be found in our policy booklet). Insurance differs from breakdown cover, which is why we always recommend that users driving abroad consider European breakdown cover.

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