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Making A Claim

All you need to know about House Insurance Claims

If you need to report a claim for your Home Insurance, please firstly check your policy documents to confirm which insurer you are with.

AA Aviva & RSA customers please contact the first notification of loss line on 1800 100 001.

Customers with AA Liberty policies please contact Liberty claims directly on 1800 771 800.

As long as you have contents Insurance Included In your Home policy, Jewellery Is covered while within the Property. However, you would be required to specify each Item of Jewellery to your policy If you would also need cover to apply for damage, loss or theft while being worn outside of the Property.

You will be asked what happened and when it happened and what action you’ve taken so far. Then you’ll be asked what you’re claiming for and the approximate cost(s) involved.

It is helpful if you keep receipts, guarantees, instruction manuals, valuations or photographs for your most valuable items in a safe place as these may help to support a claim on these items. By valuable items we mean jewellery, watches, paintings, collectors’ items and any items/sets of gold or silver.

You may also be asked to provide estimates or invoices for claims involving repair or replacement of items. If the claim involves a building repair, normally two estimates are required for comparison purposes.

If the incident involves theft or criminal damage, or if any property has been lost outside of the home, you should inform the Gardaí immediately and make a note of the incident number. Which they will give you.

All insurers have a national panel of approved specialists and suppliers who may be appointed to inspect damage or replace goods on your insurer’s behalf. Full details of the specialist or supplier and the next steps for your claim will be discussed with when you report the incident.

Insurers also have a team of Claims Advisors, who manage the settlement of your claim and may visit you at home to discuss your claim in detail.

The policy excess is the part of each claim that you pay – your insurer will cover the remaining amount. Details can also be found in the policy schedule.

Your insurer may deduct the amount of the policy excess from the settlement of your claim, or alternatively the appointed specialist or supplier will collect this amount from you on our behalf.

Check Your Policy wording carefully, to see if the loss or damage is covered. Your Policy lists the events (e.g. Storm or stealing) which are covered and not covered and also any general exclusions or Conditions which apply to Your whole Policy. Your Schedule lists the Sections of the Policy that You have chosen along with any Endorsement(s) applying.

It may help you to read through the policy booklet along with your schedule of cover before ringing to report your claim.

Subsidence is the downward movement of the ground supporting your house which usually results in the appearance of small diagonal cracks to the weaker parts of the house. These cracks normally appear above and below windows and doors. Contact your insurer directly and they will advise on the steps you need to take.

Yes, the contents section of your policy is covered on a ‘reinstatement’ or ‘new-for-old’ basis. This means that all items will be replaced with the new equivalent.

For example, if you have damaged your suite of furniture that’s five years old, we will replace it with the latest available equivalent model. Refer to your policy booklet for the conditions that apply to this cover.

Some claims are more straightforward than others – when you call to register your claim, the claims advisor will give you an indication of the timescales involved.

Your Insurer will keep you Informed on the progress of your claim, or If there Is any Information they require from you, throughout the course of the claim. However, If you do need to check the status of the claim, please call the claims number to speak to an advisor.

AA Home Insurance customers can claim up to €3,000 without affecting a no-claims bonus. This is increased to €6,000 for AA Members**

**Available on owner-occupied policies only. Acceptance criteria, terms and conditions apply.

This Is normally within a number of days from when the claim Is reported, or could be sooner for more serious cases.

Where damage can be economically repaired, the Insurer will assign an authorised repairer to carry out the work.

You might have read your policy and are unsure if you’re covered. That’s why we recommend getting on the phone with the AA customer team to ask for peace of mind.

How to make a house insurance claim

If this is your first time making a claim, you’ll have a million and one questions. Thankfully, AA home insurance customers only need to follow three easy steps:

  1. Check your house insurance policy booklet and your policy summary carefully to make sure that any loss or damage is covered by your policy.
  2. Call the telephone number shown on your policy summary as soon as possible to report the loss or damage.
  3. Talk with a claims advisor who will tell you how to proceed with your claim.


What you need to do after your first call

If you are asked to complete a claim form, please fill it in and return it to the address shown on the claim form as soon as possible. You should also enclose any other information you have been asked to provide.

If you have had to pay a tradesperson to make urgent repairs to prevent further loss or damage, you should ask for and keep any receipts they give you.

For non-urgent repairs or replacements, please follow the instructions your insurer gives you. They may ask you to get estimates or want to see the damage themselves before agreeing to any work.

Also, please make sure you provide the policy number shown on your summary each time you contact us. It will make it easier for us to check your policy and any updates.


Knowing what you can claim on

Your home insurance policy booklet will detail everything you can, and can’t, claim on. The most common enquiries for help with a claim typically involve instances around:

  • Fire
  • Escape of water
  • Escape of oil
  • Falling trees & branches
  • Vandalism
  • Damage from storms & floods


What if my property has been burgled? 

If something has been stolen from your home or your home has been broken into, call the Gardaí straight away and make a note of the crime reference number, which they will give you.

Get in touch with the AA today to start your claim.

Call our home insurance customer service helpline on 01 6179104 for policy advice and questions.
Phone lines are open Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm.

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