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At the AA, we want to make things simple. We make sure all the important benefits you need are covered as standard; like cover for your family to replace your income, childcare costs and the repayment of bank loans including mortgages.

And, we will also make sure to:

  • Match and beat any Insurer Quote*


  • Give you “Best Doctors” for free

Best Doctors® is a service that provides a free second opinion on diagnosis and treatment if you have a medical condition.

With AA Life Insurance we’ll make sure your family’s future is secure so you can get on with living.

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What is Life Insurance?

Life Insurance is a policy that you can take out which would pay a lump sum to your family/estate in the event of your death within the term of the policy e.g. 25 years.

There are lots of reasons why people might need Life Insurance:

  • To provide financial security to your family to replace lost income
  • To help family/partner with childcare costs, and manage their expenses
  • Repay any loans – e.g. Mortgages, bank loans etc.

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The most common types of Life Insurance are:

Term Life Insurance

Also known as Level Term Cover – this Life Insurance policy is taken out for a specific term e.g. 25 years. The main difference between Term Life Insurance and Mortgage Protection is that the level of cover here does not reduce e.g. €100,000 cover will still be equal to €100,000 pay out in the event of death.

Convertible Term Life Insurance

Convertible Term Life Insurance is almost the same as Level Term Life Insurance – but it has an added benefit – a Conversion Option. A conversion option is a very valuable benefit which allows you to “convert” your policy to a new plan at any stage throughout the term of your policy without providing any evidence of health. E.g. extending your cover at any time while your policy is in force.

You can also add specified illness cover to your insurance. This means that if you suffer from a specified illness while on cover, for example kidney failure requiring dialysis or Alzheimer’s resulting in permanent symptoms, we will pay the full amount for which you are covered.

Who can be covered on the Life Insurance policy?

Single Life Cover

This is where one person is covered. If this person dies within the term of the policy, the proceeds will be paid to the policyholder’s estate.

Joint Life Cover

Joint life cover is taken out for two people and is payable when the first valid claim is made. As there is only the potential for one pay out, there can only be one sum insured, i.e. the two lives cannot be covered for different amounts. Upon making a valid claim, the cover is paid and the policy will cease.

Dual Life Cover

Dual Life Cover is one of the most common policies to be taken out. Dual Life Insurance is similar to Joint Life Insurance, in that it is set up on two lives. The fundamental difference is that a payment is possible on both lives. This is a very valuable family protection option.

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Additional Benefits

Specified Illness

You can also add specified illness cover to your insurance. Specified Illness Cover provides a lump sum payment which enables you to take care of yourself and your family if you’re diagnosed with one of 66 conditions which are covered under the policy. There are two ways you can take out Specified Illness Cover – as Standalone cover or as an Accelerated plan.  

Standalone cover means it is taken out as a benefit on its own and is completely independent of any Life Cover you may take out. 

Accelerated cover is Life Assurance with a Specified Illness Cover element. Under this cover, the plan ‘accelerates’ the payment of the specified illness benefit on the earlier diagnosis of a condition covered under the plan. If a specified illness payment is made, the life cover amount is reduced accordingly. If no specified illness claim is made, the full sum insured is paid on death.


Indexation is an option whereby your cover will increase at a set rate each year to help counteract the effect of inflation on your sum insured. Our provider’s indexation rates are as follows: Rate of Increase of Benefits – 3% Rate of Increase of Premiums – 4%

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Get a quick Life Insurance quote including one month free

*We guarantee to match any other insurer quote and then give you a further 5% discount for the term of the policy. Price match with discount applies to life cover only quotes. If specified illness cover is included, price match without further discount applies. Price match only applies to standard quotes provided by Irish Life, Friends First, New Ireland, Royal London and Zurich with the same level and term of cover and up to a max sum assured of EUR 1,500,000. Does not apply to promotional special offers. Minimum premium applies (EUR10 per month, EUR120 per annum, incl. levy).

AA Ireland Limited trading as AA Insurance is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. AA Insurance provides Flexible Protection and Mortgage Protection products underwritten by Aviva Life and Pensions Ireland DAC and arranged by JSBCA Ltd T/A Low.
Aviva Life & Pensions Ireland Designated Activity Company, a private company limited by shares. Registered in Ireland No. 165970. Registered office at One Park Place, Hatch Street, Dublin 2, D02 E651.
Aviva Life & Pensions Ireland Designated Activity Company, trading as Aviva Life & Pensions Ireland and Friends First, is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Tel (01) 898 7950 www.aviva.ie 

JSBCA Ltd T/A Low are authorised and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. AA Ireland Limited, Registered Office: 61a South William Street, Dublin 2. Registered in Ireland, number 389194. Directors: B. Nevin (Chief Executive), J Birmingham, B. Mullan.

AA Ireland Limited trading as AA Insurance is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.