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What is SEPA?

Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) is an area where citizens, companies and other economic participants make and receive payments in euro, whether between or within national boundaries, under the same basic conditions, rights and obligations.

When does it happen?

On or before the 1st February 2014 – All businesses who process euro payments electronically must be SEPA ready by February 1st.

Is my National bank account & sort code still acceptable?

In order to process your direct debit payments, the AA requires your BIC & IBAN information. As the initial stages of the transition to SEPA we are more than happy to take your bank account & sort code & change this into the new BIC & IBAN format for you.

All mandate information will include your BIC & IBAN details & that is the information we will be using with the bank to process your payment.

How will SEPA affect my direct debit payment with AA Ireland?

You should see no impact on your direct debit payments with AA Ireland. If you are an existing customer, you don’t need to do anything, your direct debit will be taken as normal. If you are a new customer, you will be signing a SEPA mandate, which included your BIC & IBAN information instead of your Bank Account & Sort Code.

What is a UMR (Unique Mandate Reference)?

Unique Mandate Reference is a unique reference which identifies each direct debit mandate signed by the Debtor for any given Creditor.

What is BIC & IBAN?

The Bank Identifier Code (BIC) (also known as the SWIFT address) is a unique address which in payment messages identifies precisely the bank involved in financial transactions. When used in conjunction with the IBAN it identifies the bank at which the account of the beneficiary is held.

The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is your account number quoted in the international format. The Irish IBAN is made up of the country code, check digit, bank reference, National Sort Code and account number.

Where can I find the BIC and IBAN for my accounts?

Your BIC and IBAN are printed on your bank statement. You can also request them directly from your bank.

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