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AA Car Inspection 

Car Inspection

Know what you're getting into with a Car Inspection from our AA experts

  • A comprehensive inspection of the car
  • Interior, engine bay, bodywork, paintwork and underbody are checked**
  • Every car we inspect is road-tested extensively
  • We report back to you that same evening over the phone
  • Written reports are emailed the next working day

AA Car Inspections offer peace-of-mind with your used car purchase

Call us 9am-5pm on 1890 456 555

*Roadside rescue cover only. Home start and Rescue Plus available as additional cover

**Underbody Inspection where a ramp is available. We don't connect diagnostic equipment to vehicles as part of our inspection.

Car warranty about to expire? Problem with your Car?

Find out if an AA Car Inspection can help you, by calling us on 1890 456 555!

Want to know more?

Why choose AA Car Inspections?

AA Car Inspections inspect the car from the inside out. We can look at second hand cars that you’re thinking of buying from popular websites such as Done Deal, CBG.ie and Carzone and report back to you on the same day. We can also check cars after they’re purchased inspecting for issues that you may be concerned about or to identify any problems before the warranty expires saving you on costly repairs.

Is my car inspected for damage?

An AA Car Inspection inspects your car for accident damage. It could be something that you would not notice yourself and if serious enough could be a reason not to buy the car. This can be as minor as a runaway trolley in a car park causing superficial or cosmetic damage or as serious as a major crash with poor quality repairs – which would have a major impact on the true value of the car. We have even come across two completely different cars after being merged together.

Is the inside of the car inspected?

Yes, the interior is inspected. We look at things like seats and seat belts, dashboard controls and steering wheel adjustments. Our engineers check everything, big or small.

Is the underbody of my car inspected for any leaks?

We know cars are complicated and they need many different fluids topped up to function correctly and sometimes this can be overlooked. AA engineers know what levels are needed, what the signs of contamination are and where to check for leaks. We also carry out a full underbody inspection including the condition of the chassis if a ramp is on site.

What else is checked?

We road-test every car to look out for unusual characteristics and noises that could cause you problems in the long run. We also check for rust, you might not think that this is a big deal but this can discreetly build up and cause you problems in the future.

What’s the difference between an AA Car Inspection and the NCT?

The NCT does not investigate or record any issues like the interior, repainting of the car or previous accident damage nor does it report on wear levels unless they are excessive. So a crashed car could pass the NCT. If the car has passed the NCT and subsequently an AA engineer gives it a clean bill of health, then the buyer can be assured the vehicle has reached two high standards.