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1 in 4 Admit Concern Over Potential Impact of Brexit on Holiday Plans 1 in 4 Admit Concern Over Potential Impact of Brexit on Holiday Plans

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1 in 4 Admit Concern Over Potential Impact of Brexit on Holiday Plans

Published 10th March 2019Read Time 2 min

The ongoing uncertainty surrounding Brexit has left almost 1 in 4 fearful of how a No-Deal Brexit could affect their 2019 travel plans, a recent survey has found. In response to an AA Travel Insurance of over 2,500 Irish holiday-goers, 10.65% of respondents stated they were ‘very concerned’ that a No-Deal Brexit could put their 2019 holiday plans at risk. Meanwhile, a further 14.20% of those surveyed admitted to being somewhat concerned about how Britain’s departure from the EU could affect their travel plans. According to the survey, female respondents were more likely to be fearful of Brexit hampering their travel plans. 12.22% of women responding to the survey stated they were ‘very concerned’ about how Brexit could affect their holidays, compared to 8.33% of men. “The Brexit process has been a long and complicated one and the potential impact it could have on Ireland is still somewhat unclear. Understandably, as a result of this, some are fearful of how their holiday plans could be affected.” Conor Faughnan, AA Director of Consumer Affairs stated. “However, if you already have holiday plans in place for the post-Brexit era, your travel insurance will cover you for all eventualities. Hopefully a complicated, no-deal scenario can be avoided but travel insurance is there as a reliable fall-back if such an outcome occurs.” The survey also found that almost half of Irish people are now more likely to take out travel insurance when travelling to the UK, than they would have been in previous years. When asked if the uncertainty around Brexit made them more likely to take out cover ahead of any visits to the UK, 23.56% of respondents ‘strongly agreed’ that this was true for them, with a further 23.29% ‘somewhat agreeing’ they were now more likely to purchase travel insurance when traveling to the UK. “In the past, there may have been a tendency amongst some to do without travel insurance when it came to travelling to Britain, perhaps due to the proximity to Ireland and the ease of returning home if anything was to go wrong,” Faughnan added. “However, it does appear that Irish travellers are now a little more wary when it comes to making the trip across the sea, further highlighting the important of having cover in place for all your journeys.”

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