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15 Handy Welsh Phrases 15 Handy Welsh Phrases

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15 Handy Welsh Phrases

Published 8th February 2017Read Time 3 min

Learn the lingo before you travel

Whether you’re heading over for the rugby or just fancy a weekend away in the Welsh capital (don’t forget to have single trip insurance)  you may want to do a Deano on it and scrub up on your Welsh (if you’re not sure who Deano is, check out the video below). You aren’t likely to hear it that much when you’re out and about, but it’s always good to have a few words…

The one thing that goes hand in hand with being Irish is our unending obsession with the weather. With that in mind, we’ve included three small phrases which should cover most bases. Unless it snows, then you’re on your own.


  • It’s sunny. – Mae’n heulog.
  • It’s raining. – Mae’n bwrw glaw.
  • It’s cold. – Mae’n oer.

Holding you own in Welsh

Phrases to use in everyday conversation

After the discussion about weather, here are some phrases which you might want to drop into conversation in an attempt to feign the extent of your cultural knowledge. As to how everything is pronounced, you can check out Google Translate.

  1. Cheers! – Iechyd da!
  2. Hello – Shwmae / S’mae
  3. How are you? – Sut mae?
  4. I’m fine thanks, and you? – Da iawn, diolch. A tithau?
  5. What’s your name? – Beth ydy dy enw di?
  6. My name is … – … dwi.
  7. Good morning   – Bore da
  8. Good afternoon – P’nawn da, Prynhawn da
  9. Sorry – Mae’n ddrwg ‘da fi/ gen i, Sori
  10. Thank you – Diolch / Diolch yn fawr
  11. Where’s the toilet? – Ble mae’r toiled?
  12. Would you like to dance with me? – Ti’n moyn dawnsio da fi?

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