AA Patrol almost bitten by 7ft Boa Constrictor during bizarre rescue!

It should have been a short journey across town but when one of her passengers had a ‘hiss-y’ fit, the driver knew she was in trouble.

The passenger in question was a seven-foot-long female boa constrictor that decided to slip out of the pillow case in which she was being transported to take advantage of her new-found freedom. 

When the roaming reptile slithered behind the dashboard and wouldn’t come out, the children’s entertainer called the AA for assistance.

Patrol Darren Foster of Chelmsford was assigned the job which came through as: ‘7ft boa constrictor snake stuck behind dashboard; member will handle the snake, just need dashboard removed.’

Darren says: “I’m fairly new to the AA and did a double take when the job details came through. My manager called to check that I wasn’t afraid of snakes, which I wasn’t, although in hindsight, it was a little unnerving being face-to-face with a boa constrictor.

“She was quite happy in the warmth of the dashboard, so wasn’t going anywhere in a hurry – you can’t just shoo out a seven-foot snake!

“I ended up removing most of the dashboard and heater matrix, as she was wrapped around components. But even then, given her size and strength, I had to help prise her out.

“By the time I put the dashboard back together, I had been there a good couple of hours. However, she wasn’t all that appreciative of my efforts and got the hump, trying to bite me when I went to hold her.

“It’s a call-out I certainly won’t forget in a hurry.”