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AA Rescue Warns Motorists to Check Batteries as Temps Dip AA Rescue Warns Motorists to Check Batteries as Temps Dip

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AA Rescue Warns Motorists to Check Batteries as Temps Dip

Published 13th November 2017Read Time 3 min

Motorists are being advised to check their car batteries and carry out a general car check as weather conditions take a turn for the worst this winter.

AA Rescue, a leading breakdown assistance provider, experienced one of its busiest days of 2017 on Monday, 13 November, after a dip in temperatures resulted in a spike in breakdowns on Irish roads. Among the leading causes of these breakdowns were faulty or weak batteries, a particular problem for motorists when conditions become colder.
“By mid-morning the AA had already received calls to attend to close to 300 car breakdowns, the vast majority of which related to dead or weak batteries. This was one of the busiest days of 2017 it also marked the true start of what we expect to be a busy winter period over the coming months,” Conor Faughnan, AA Director of Consumer Affairs stated. “When temperatures drop close to freezing-point or below it can wreak havoc on older or damaged car batteries, catching many drivers unaware.”

“As things stand it appears that the colder weather will be with us for quite a while so now is the time for motorists to check the condition of their car in the coming days to ensure all is well. If you do experience a breakdown remember to get yourself to a save place, preferably behind the barrier at the side of the road if one is present, before calling for assistance.”
With frost and potentially icy condition

s also expected in some areas of the country over the coming weeks, the AA is also reminding motorists to check their tyres for signs of wear and tear. While the minimum legal requirement for tyre thread depth is 1.6mm in Ireland, AA Rescue recommends replacing your tyre when the thread depth falls below 3mm.  

“Driving in icy conditions is dangerous enough, but with worn or damaged tyres you greatly increase your risk of being involved in an incident. Ultimately taking just a few minutes to check your car could help save your life or that of other road users.” Faughnan added.

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