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AA Expecting 1500 August Bank Holiday Breakdowns AA Expecting 1500 August Bank Holiday Breakdowns


AA Expecting 1500 August Bank Holiday Breakdowns

Published 1st August 2019Read Time 4 min

AA Rescue is preparing for up to 1,500 breakdowns over the course of the August Bank Holiday in what the breakdown assistance provider expects to be one of the busiest weekends of the year on Irish roads.
In 2018 AA Rescue dealt with an average of 300 breakdowns per day between the 3rd and 7th of August, with 411 breakdowns being reported on Tuesday the 7th as most people returned to work. Ahead of a weekend which is likely to see a high number of motorists take to the roads for short getaways with the family, the breakdown assistance provider is encouraging motorists to check the current condition of their car and their tyres and to take additional caution when driving in the coming days.
“For many of us the August Bank Holiday weekend is a chance to take the family away or indeed visit relatives across the country and as a result we expect to see an increase in the number of cars on Irish roads over the coming days. We would encourage motorists to take extra care when driving, particularly on routes they may be less familiar with, and to be on the lookout for cyclists and pedestrians who may be out making the most of our recent good weather.” Conor Faughnan, AA Director of Consumer Affairs stated. “If you do experience a breakdown, it’s important to be conscious of your own safety and that of any passengers in your vehicle. In particular, if you experience a breakdown on the motorway we would advise against attempting any repairs yourself and instead pull as far into the hard shoulder as possible. Leave the car by the left-hand door, ensuring any passengers do the same, and get yourself behind the safety barrier before you contact anyone for assistance.
 “However, even if you’re not planning to take to the roads over the weekend, it can be a good idea to give your car a quick once over as every year we notice a spike in callouts on the Tuesday after the bank holiday. Some people won’t have used the car at all over the course of the long weekend and, as a result of this, any mechanical issues which may be starting to present themselves can worsen while the car is idle.”
Separately the AA is also urging motorists to exercise additional caution while driving over the coming days and to be on the lookout for vulnerable roads users, such as cyclists, and for other motorists who may not be familiar with the area they’re driving in.
“When it comes to Bank Holidays we all have plans for a relaxing time but unfortunately these long weekends also tend to be among the most dangerous periods on our roads. Not only do we see an increase in motorists driving in an area they’re not accustomed to, people’s normal driving behaviours can change drastically,” Faughnan added. “Things like drink-driving, speeding or not wearing a seatbelt which many motorists would never dream of doing during their regular driving suddenly become more visible on Irish roads. We’d call on all motorists to think of their own safety and that of other road users in the coming days so we can all have a safe and enjoyable weekend.”
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