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What Is Ireland's Most Popular Car Name? What Is Ireland's Most Popular Car Name?

AA Motoring Panel Poll

What Is Ireland's Most Popular Car Name?

Published 7th October 2013Read Time 3 min

Betsy is the most popular nickname for Irish cars according to an AA Motor Insurance survey of over 15,400 people. It was by far the most popular nickname with 5 times more cars called Betsy than any other nickname. The second favourite name Irish people have for their car is Baby, this was followed by Bessy, Betty and Daisy.

The Top 5 Car Nicknames in Ireland

“We asked motorists about their car nicknames in our last AA Motor Insurance poll, it was just a bit of fun but we got quite a good response” says Conor Faughnan Director of Consumer Affairs at The AA.
The AA survey found that over 24% of motorists in Ireland have at some stage given a car a nickname. Naming your car seems to be more of a female trait as 31% of women have a pet name for their motor compared to 19% of men.

“I have a childhood memory of my uncle’s much loved Mk I Ford escort that we nicknamed ‘Skippy’, based on the way it used to fly over pot-holed roads. For myself, my first car gave me no end of trouble and I used to call it ‘Fiasco!’ Apart from that I’m a bit boring – my current car doesn’t have a nickname.”
One of the more popular names was Herbie, a name made famous after the 1969 Disney film The Love Bug. Some of the nicknames were more manly in nature such as The Beast or The Silver Bullet. Other favourites were Old Reliable, Big Bertha and Nellie, but one that only Irish people will get is Wanderly Wagon. There were a few odd ones too, like The Flying Banana and Orgasmatron.

“Cars in Ireland are getting older, most Irish people simply can’t afford a new car, so it’s easy to get sentimentally attached to something when you’ve had it so long” says Faughnan. “We’ve been coming to the aid of Betsys around the country for years but if your main car is a bit of a jalopy then bear in mind that you might find yourself having to use a different vehicle, so if you’re not an AA Member then make sure your insurance covers you.”

With The AA your own insurance can cover you to drive other people’s cars. You’ll get the satisfaction of knowing that you have fully comprehensive insurance if your ‘Baby’ needs time to mend.
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