Car Crime on the Rise Especially in Dublin

“It is clearly a major problem, and one that is on the rise.” Says Director of Policy Conor Faughnan. “It means a big bill and for those who do not have no claims discount protection a rise in insurance costs. Check your insurance policy to see that you have a protected ‘no claims discount’ for theft. It is standard with AA policies but it is not universal.”

With modern cars being fitted with complex immobilisers, a common tactic for thieves is to take keys off hall tables or from convenient key racks near the door, simply by ‘fishing’ for them with a pole through the letterbox.

“The days of ‘hot-wiring’ cars are for the most part behind us.” Says Faughnan. “But tactics have changed. Thieves will now target car keys, and will sometimes break into a house to look for them. It is a mistake to leave them in an obvious place like a hall table. It is very frustrating for honest citizens to have their hard-earned property targeted by thieves in this way, but it happens and it is increasing.”

Burglars are also adept at opening doors secured with conventional slam-shut barrel locks.  Once in the house, they’ll often find the keys left on a table or sideboard and can make a quiet getaway in the stolen vehicle.

In addition to answering the question, there were 434 individual comments or stories received. Many people reported that their car had been targeted when they were at a gathering like a family christening or wedding.

AA Tips to tackle car thieves:

–              Don’t be a temptation to the thief – lock your valuables in the boot

–              Park legally in a secure place

–              Lock the doors when driving

–              Park before 11.00 am for greater comfort

–              Use off street car parks

–              Lock the car! It is all too easy to forget the obvious.

–              Check your insurance. AA Insurance policies come with a Lifetime No Claims Discount for Fire, Theft or Glass claims


Q: Has your ever car been stolen or has an attempt been made to steal your car? (mark more than one answer if appropriate)

(6,500 responses [Dublin 2,366 responses] 24/9/10 to 3/10/10)

Dublin only Total
My car has been stolen within the last two years 1.4% 1.2%
An attempt was made to steal my car within the last 2 years 3.7% 2.5%
My car was broken into within the last 2 years 6.0% 4.3%
An attempt was made to break into my car within the last 2 years 3.1% 2.2%
My car was stolen more than two years ago 14.3% 11.4%
An attempt was made to steal my car more than 2 years ago 10.8% 8.4%
My car was broken into more than 2 years ago 20.3% 16.4%
An attempt was made to break into my car more than 2 years ago 12.1% 9.2%
Has never happened 51.4% 60.8%

Q: Considering the last occasion on which your car was stolen/broken into or someone tried to, where was the car parked at the time?

(6,500 responses [Dublin 2,366 responses] 24/9/10 to 3/10/10)

Dublin only Total
Residential driveway 31.4% 29.8%
Housing estate – on street parking 27.7% 25.9%
A residential underground car park 2.4% 1.8%
A residential above ground car park (eg apartment block) 3.0% 3.0%
On street pay and display parking 13.7% 14.6%
Public transport car park 1.5% 2.0%
Private multi-storey car park 0.9% 0.7%
Public car park 6.8% 8.6%
Employer’s car park 2.6% 3.1%
Other (eg hospital, church) 10.1% 10.4%