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AA's top tips to protect your car from theft AA's top tips to protect your car from theft


AA's top tips to protect your car from theft

Published 24th August 2022Read Time 4 min

With car theft on the rise in Ireland recently, you will need to ensure your vehicle and its contents are kept safe at all times. Prevention is clearly the best cure, so the AA has compiled a list of tips on how to keep your car safe from theft.

Park safely

If you’re in a rush, you might park your car wherever is available. However, it’s worth taking time to think about it properly and assess the risks. Don’t leave your car in a vulnerable spot like dark car parks or near trees. Make sure there is CCTV where you park and that the area is well lit. If it’s in your own driveway, you should park facing a wall or garage to make it harder for thieves – they will have to reverse if they do gain entry and this will likely garner attention.

Remove keys

Make sure to take your keys out of the ignition, even if you’re leaving your car idle for a few seconds! Leaving the keys in the car makes it really easy for a thief who can simply open the door or window.

Lock your doors

It might sound obvious, but lots of people actually forget to lock their doors! So, when you’ve parked up, get in the habit of checking if your car doors are locked before leaving your car. You should always ensure that all windows are up too, or it will provide an opportunity for thieves.

Don’t leave belongings on display

This is self-explanatory, but make sure you leave no personal belongings on display in your car. Lock them in the boot or bring them with you.

Improve your security

Most modern cars are already fitted with alarms and immobilisers, but you should take extra steps to keep your car secure. Some new styles have tracking devices installed but if you’re driving an older car, you might think about getting one. This way if your car is stolen, you will be able to track it to its exact location and hopefully recover it. If you do get a tracking device installed, then why not apply some warning stickers to your windows to let people know. You could also install a lock over your steering wheel to decrease the risk of theft.

What happens if your car is stolen?

You should ring the Gardaí as soon as you notice the car is missing. When you call them give the licence plate number, your contact details, the address of the theft, the logbook and VIN number, the colour, make and model of the car and a photo of the car if you have it.

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