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Common Car Problems in Cold Weather Common Car Problems in Cold Weather

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Common Car Problems in Cold Weather

Published 17th January 2024Read Time 4 min

With cold weather due, it’s important to be aware of the common issues cars face in cold weather. Understanding these problems can help ensure your vehicle remains reliable and safe during the colder months. If something does go wrong, AA Membership and our Breakdown Rescue could save you a lot of trouble!

Problem 1: Battery Issues 

Cold temperatures can significantly reduce a car’s 12-volt battery performance. The chemical reactions required to generate power in a car battery slow down in cold weather, which can result in insufficient power to start the engine. It’s advisable to check your battery’s health before winter sets in.

Solution 1: Home Start

Include “Home Start” with your AA Membership. This means that if your car won’t start then we’ll come out to you. We call directly to your home. If the battery is dead, we can give you a jumpstart to get you on your way.

Problem 2: Tyre Pressure

Tyres tend to lose pressure in cold weather because air contracts when it cools. If your tyre pressure was a little low to start with, then a big drop in temperature could be troublesome. Low tyre pressure can affect traction, handling, and the longevity of the tires. Regularly checking and adjusting tyre pressure during the winter is essential. Worst case scenario is a puncture that you can’t fix yourself at the roadside.

Solution 2: AA Membership

Our friendly Patrols have the necessary kit in the car to give your tyre a temporary fix. We inflate it there and it will get you on the road. In case of a blow-out or severe damage, we have spare wheels that will get you going. They’re not long-term solutions, but they’ll get you out of a bind.

Problem 3: Difficulty in Starting the Engine

Cold weather can affect the fuel-air mixture in the engine, making it harder to start. Ensuring good maintenance of the spark plugs and the fuel system can help alleviate this issue. But if you do get stuck, and the car won’t start, then we come to you. Remember, we fix 8 out of 10 cars at the roadside.

Solution 3: Rescue Plus

When you take out your AA Membership. Be sure to include Rescue Plus. This means that if for some reason we can’t get you back on the road, we’ll tow your car to a garage of your choice, organise alternative transport, provide a replacement car or arrange overnight accommodation for you should you need it.

Problem 3: I have AA Membership but I’m not in my own car

You’re using a relative’s car for the weekend, or you’re travelling with a friend in their car. You have AA Membership, but not your own car!

Solution 3: AA Membership Benefits

No problem! AA Membership actually covers you, so it doesn’t matter what car you are in! Just give us a call, and we’ll help you as usual!

These are just some of the many benefits of AA Membership. You can even log a rescue on the AA App, and track the Patrol coming to help you.