Dublin Port Tunnel Launches New Average Speed Cameras

Dublin Port Tunnel

A new speed enforcement system has gone live in Dublin Port Tunnel. The cameras are the first in Ireland to work on an average speed basis rather than by video or at a fixed point.

How Do Average Speed Cameras Work?

Average speed cameras record the time that a vehicle enters and exits the tunnel and divide the 4.8km distance between Coolock and Dublin Port by the elapsed time in order to calculate an average speed.

If that average exceeds 80km/h, the vehicle’s registration details will be automatically passed on to Gardaí for enforcement action.

Any driver that completes the tunnel in under 3m 36s will be in breach of the limit.

The cameras cover all the lanes in the tunnel, so drivers will not be able to evade them by switching lanes.  Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) add that the system will not have flashing lights or other indicators, but it will be monitoring at all times.

This article was updated on June 1st 2017 after the cameras went live.

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Photo: Creative Commons